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3 Ways to Help Your Son Achieve Independence: Part 1

how to help your son achieve independence

In this day and age parents often find themselves at a total loss as to how to help their son achieve independence. In fact most Americans today measure independence in terms of financial security. Let us begin this discussion of achieving independence by clearly defining what it means to be ‘independent’. Is independence about owning or having things like a job, a car and money or does it represent specific steps toward adulthood like moving out of the house and … Continued

Failure to Launch: Focus on the Problem

failure to launch problem

Over the years many parents have asked us what they can do to get their son who is struggling with failure to launch, out of the house and on their way to becoming independent.  Usually at this point parents are at their wits end and are confused as to what they may have done wrong and often ask themselves why their son doesn’t have a job, a social life or any motivation to move out on his own.  These are just … Continued

The Boomerang Generation: Kids That Won’t Leave Home

boomergang generation and helicopter parenting

It’s becoming increasingly clear why experts are beginning to call this ‘the boomerang generation.’ Now more than ever society is beginning to see a huge shift in the age of independence when young men and young women are expected to leave home and start their own lives. Unfortunately, it doesn’t take long before these sons and daughters are quickly returning home to Mom and Dad vowing to never venture out into great unknown ever again. Parents are beginning to see their … Continued

Learn to Earn! Focus on Career Specific Goals

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Many a struggling young adult has been confused about defining a career path. There are so many career choices out there, how can a young adult focus on getting into the industry that excites them and allows them to make a living doing what they love? The truth is, the earlier one can start on their career path, the better. Is it ever too late? No. But having the right approach can make a big difference.   Learn to Earn: More than … Continued

Failure to Launch: Teaching methods

failure to launch teaching methods

In continuing to discover reasons as to why failure to launch occurs in young men, we come to our first conclusion: teaching methods.  Dr. Leonard Sax, author of the book Boys Adrift mentions this large learning discrepancy between boys and girls.  He mentions that most of the typical teaching methods found in today’s schools, favor girls.  If you are a parent of both a boy and a girl, you will know the drastic difference between the two sexes.  Girls are much more likely to … Continued

Lets make some mistakes!

learn by making mistakes

Something that we talk about with failure to launch young men are the benefits of making mistakes.  Some struggling young adults are too scared to make a mistake which prohibits them from actually stepping outside of their comfort zones to try new things in life.  After all, society tells us that making mistakes are bad, right? The online definition for mistake is “An error in action, calculation, or judgment, caused by poor reasoning, carelessness, insufficient knowledge, etc…”  Although this may be true … Continued

Achieve Independence: How do I get started?

How to achieve independence

Many of the young men we coach have a strong desire to achieve independence but don’t know where to start. They’re unsatisfied with life and they understand that where they are at now is not where they want to be. They might have an objective in mind but they don’t know where to start.  This can stem from insecurity of not wanting to make a mistake, uncertainty over where to start or even stagnation because of the amount of work … Continued

Stats on Failure to Launch, you’re not alone!!!

stats on failure to launch syndrome

In the past we’ve talked about some of the reasons behind why more young men are experiencing failure to launch.  In our efforts to continue to be on top of how we can best help our students, we have gathered stats and more information for you as parents to consider.  A recent article published by the New England Journal of Higher Education gives some enlightening clues as to why failure to launch is becoming a national epidemic.  So without further … Continued

Find some motivation!!!

how to find motivation

Parents, especially successful parents are baffled as to why their child can’t seem to find the motivation to get a job or even get out of bed, while other parents believe their child has been dealt a bad hand because of the economy or their ex-husband or their child’s depression, anxiety or lack friends. I’d be a hypocrite if I said I didn’t believe that same lie at times. Maybe it’s time to think differently. What happens when we turn that kind of negative thinking on … Continued

Becoming a Leader

become a leader by developing strength, patience, and passion

Many people stress the importance of being a good leader.  But where does it start?  Are good leaders born or trained?  Whats the secret formula to becoming a good leader?  Many different people rise in the ranks of leadership through different paths, but at Forte Strong we teach our students the fundamentals of leadership.  Leadership starts inside and it is important to understand oneself before they can be an effective leader to others. Dr. Nancy Huber, author of the book Leading … Continued