Forte Strong Graduates

Jack’s Story

Jack was a model student going through the Forte Strong program, who was able to find more independence through practicing leadership, integrity, perseverance & accountability. Well done Jack, thanks for your example!

Ryan’s Story

Upon arriving at Forte Strong, Ryan was dealing with self-doubt, anxiety, and depression, but succeeded with purpose by becoming a self-starter, coachable, trustworthy, and accountable. You’re awesome Ryan! We’re excited for your future!

Miles’ Story

Miles’ parents had two options; let him make the decisions and fall on his face or succeed and be happy without achievement. Miles was gambling and reached rock bottom, He knew he had to change. In Forte Strong, he found a love for skiing, and creating the best version of himself.

Where Miles Is Now

Former Forte Strong student & graduate Miles catches up with us about where his life is now. What he’s learned, excited about, and where he’s headed.

Spencer’s Story

After living a cushioned life with his parents he graduated and had no idea what he wanted to do. He had been making poor choices in his life and realized he needed to change. After coming to Forte Strong he received the structure he needed to change his life around. Now he’s been growing and setting his own life goals.

Bryson’s Story

After living without goals or a future Bryson wanted to change. He had been online and came across Forte Strong’s videos which resonated with the other guy’s stories. After coming to the program the atmosphere and coaches helped him set his own goals for his future.

Mark’s Story

Before Forte Strong Mark spent most of his days in front of the TV playing video games. He realized he was only living in the moment and needed to change so he could start living for the future. He now has gone skydiving and has continued to set life goals for the future.

Jack’s Story

Jack was held back by a fear of failure, so he never gave himself the chance. Jack was just coasting through life, he was doing okay in college. During college he knew that he was just going for others and then left school. He wanted to learn how to do something for himself, not others. At Forte Strong he is looking forward to making even more friends and how to become his own person.

Mike’s Story

Mike was in and out of college, he’d go and then never find something to study that he was passionate about. He knew he had some sort of commitment issues as well that led to a downward spiral of going to college and then not producing. At Forte Strong, he found a passion for competitive dodgeball and now travels the country playing various teams. 

Nick’s Story

Because of confidence issues Nick was unsure and overthought everything. He became fed up with overthinking and having to lie about his success to his parents about achieving goals. Nowadays at Forte Strong he’s becoming more confident by the day. Nick frequently goes to the gym and is an avid hiker. He hikes not only for the views but because each hike is it’s own accomplishment.

Collin’s Story

Collin was in programs before but none really helped him just because they catered to rehabilitating drug users. Collin talks about how he likes Forte Strong because it was founded by parents who needed to give their kids that extra push that they needed to be successful. Forte Strong has given him the mindset of ‘things aren’t going to get done unless I help to get them done which he uses as he’s a manager at Fiesta Fun

Jacob’s Story

Jacob needed a fresh start from his previous city, he needed a little extra push and drive that Forte Strong gives. With the coaching staff he has learned how much he likes cooking and working in a hospitality setting. He likes seeing the regulars and the new people and sharing his story. He recently became the assistant manager of a popular restaurant.

Tallis’ Story

Tallis grew to love a lot of things about Forte Strong. He loves his friends that he calls brothers, his scooter that gets around eighty miles to the gallon, and his life coaches. Before Tallis had a hard time communicating to his parents and remaining positive. Since being at Forte Strong he is hopeful for his future and talks to his parents almost daily.

Michael’s Story

Michael was the first guy we had from Europe. He was understandably nervous until he met Brook and was taken under their wing. Ever since Michael was a kid dinosaurs fascinated him, so when a job opened up at the Dinosaur Museum he had to get it. With Brook’s help he was able to get the job and is now thriving in the States.

Danny’s Story

Danny would spend hours on video games whether that was playing them, watching videos on them, or talking to people about them. He knew his life was consumed by the games, he also was in fear of being open to his parents. At Forte strong he found a new passion for cooking and working on being able to be open with his parents. He talks to his therapist Phil who asks the right questions in order for him to be open.