Failure to Launch Treatment

Does your son have the potential to be more but fails to see it within himself?

If so, you’ve come to the right place.

Forte Strong is the nation’s premiere life coaching and independent living program for young men, dedicated to treating failure to launch syndrome, and the variety of individual challenges that contribute to it. Among the challenges coaches and therapists have seen are social anxiety, avoidant personality disorder, depression, impulsivity, defiance, ADHD, low self-esteem, technology addiction and other dependencies that keep young men from launching successfully.

Failure to launch syndrome is defined as the inability of young adults to leave home and live independently without extensive financial, emotional and logistical support. At Forte Strong, young men work with experienced coaches and therapists to help them develop the skills they need to provide for themselves and the confidence to persevere through difficult and challenging situations. Our families are also supported through this process by our Parent Education Platform by experienced therapists and staff.

A huge part of success is the belief that success is possible. Forte Strong puts great emphasis on these small but positive steps your son will take towards independence to help nurture that belief. A win, no matter how small is empowering and enough seemingly small wins add up to HUGE success.


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Failure to launch is an epidemic that affects young adult men the world over. Recent studies suggest that over 60% of young men 18-26 still live at home with their parents with a vast majority of these young men facing failure to launch syndrome. Forte Strong was established specifically to address this growing problem.

Forte Strong helps young men to discover what motivates them, how to be successful and feel confident. Forte Strong recognizes the frustration and fear that these young men face day to day and have the experience and know-how to show them how to assume responsibility and take action to achieve independence and become their own man.

Forte Strong works with bright and capable young men who don’t know where to start, or who are stuck in a rut and need a hand to help get them back to a positive, proactive and purposeful point in their life. Forte Strong helps them get in-tune with their unique strengths, skills, and talents to accomplish what they once thought was impossible. The ultimate goal is for our students to have the confidence, grit, and experience to successfully meet the challenges of life while still meeting their needs.

Forte Strong takes an individualized approach. Not only does your son work one-on-one with an experienced and qualified life-coach but a therapist as well. His coach and therapist helps him to develop his own blueprint for success, which he can apply over and over again after he graduates.

Forte Strong’s student selection process ensures that we only work with young men who are capable and committed to overcoming failure to launch. Forte Strong’s selection process also helps to create a cohesive, healthy and proactive environment crucial for your son’s success. At Forte Strong, we live what we teach…coaches not only explain principles of success, they demonstrate success.

If your son is experiencing serious failure to launch setbacks related to ADHD, depression, social anxiety, low self-esteem, mood instability, video game addiction, codependency and other related issues surrounding failure to launch syndrome we encourage you to learn more about Forte Strong. Don’t let another day go by to get the help you need now. Call us at (866) 763-7033.