Cultivating Independence

Does Your Son Lack Initiative?

Failure to Launch young men are often very bright, but lack the desire to live and succeed on their own. Many have failed out of college or simply moved back home after graduation and never left. Many have difficulty getting or holding a job. Or they may struggle to adequately take care of themselves. This is distressing for parents, who want nothing more than to see their children spread their wings and successfully leave the nest on their own. Adult children living at home can also be a financial burden for parents as they near retirement. After struggling with the issue on their own for a while, helping their child leave the nest might seem a hopeless dream to a parent of a child struggling with Failure to Launch Syndrome. Rest assured that achieving independent living is possible for any young man.

An Independence Program for Young Men

That’s where Forte Strong comes in. Forte Strong is a therapeutic coaching program designed to teach young men all of the basic life skills they need to live their best life, while utilizing therapy and life coaches to overcome any other issues they may be struggling with. At Forte Strong, young men live away from home, but with the guidance and support of professional therapists and coaches. They learn many important life skills; in the area of employment alone, skills such as applying for, landing, and holding a job. A foundational skill-set for successful living. They learn how to plan, shop for, and cook their own meals on a budget. The importance of physical fitness is stressed. Overall, graduates of Forte Strong walk away with a solid base of skills in the most important areas of independent living and success.

Additionally, our coaches are specialized in understanding each young man’s individual needs. Everyone has different challenges holding them back from achieving their full potential. This personalized approach ensures that young men learn the life skills that they personally need in order to continue to succeed after graduating the program.

Independent Living

At Forte Strong, students experience what independent living is like, while learning the life skills they need. Students live in houses with other Forte Strong students, and they are responsible for themselves. They find and work a part-time job while attending Forte Strong. This experience simulates what it’s like to live independently, while they still have the resources of the program to fall back on. Some other programs take students out of the real world to a farm or wilderness camp, but we believe that’s not how you truly learn to be independent. You need to try your hand at the skills that you learn while in the independence program in order to truly learn. Students at Forte Strong graduate with real-life independent living experience under their belt that allows them to transition to true independent living seamlessly.

Success Stories

Check out how Forte Strong has helped other young men achieve independence. You can also watch more graduate videos or read reviews.

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