Selection Process

Step 1: Complete Questionnaire: Click Here!

Our Eligibility Questionnaire is a tool that allows us to identify young men who fit our specific criteria. Those who meet are criteria are invited to continue to Step 2 in the selection process. All applicants can expect to receive eligibility results within 72 hours.


Step 2: Complete Interview

Our Eligibility Interview is the next step in our selection process. This step empowers your son to decide for himself if he wants to attend Forte Strong. It’s during these 30 minutes where we gauge your son’s level of commitment and desire to change.


Step 3: Complete Application

If your son has made it this far, he’s a good fit! Once the enrollment application is completed your son is given a formal invitation to attend Forte Strong. It’s time for him to pack his bags and take a huge step toward becoming a better and stronger man.

*Forte Strong encourages all young men to apply regardless of their past history or current circumstances. All submissions are given careful and thoughtful consideration. Information gathered by Forte Strong is confidential and used for eligibility findings only.