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connect with young men with failure to launch syndrome
discover his motives and ambitions
coach young men to success
help him overcome life's challenges
Repeat steps until he has confidence
1. Connect
with him on a level that encourages trust, transparency and respect.
2. Discover
his forte and uncover the motive that drives his decisions and behavior.
3. Coach
him in the essential skills and character traits he will need to be successful.
4. Challenge
him to commit, take the next step and gain the needed experience.
5. Repeat
steps until he has the skills and confidence to achieve independence.

Social Anxiety / Avoidant Personality Disorder

Social anxiety and/or AVPD is a common theme that accompanies failure to launch syndrome. Sometimes it arises because of lack of confidence, lack of experience in social settings or simply the inability to communicate effectively. At Forte Strong, we help our young men to feel comfortable in social settings so they can more easily integrate into positive peer networks and group settings. This also builds confidence in both academic and professional settings. Overcoming anxiety associated with meeting new people or being involved where interpersonal interaction might bring up the possibility of being judged is a big stepping stone for many of our students.

We have many students that are hesitant to create friendships because of the vulnerability that is involved, but we coach them to accept their vulnerability and put themselves “out there” to make their social life grow. We refer to this as taking “healthy risks”, and we encourage these healthy risks at our treatment program.

young man who struggles with social anxiety

young man with video game addiction tied by a controller

Video Game Addiction

With the technology that we have at our fingertips, it’s not surprising that video game addiction has become a serious problem. After all, we spend over 3 billion hours a week as a planet playing video games. 72% of citizens (6 to 44 yrs) in the United States alone play over 18 hours a week or 3.6 hours every work day!

Video game addiction and technology addiction can become a serious issue if left untreated. Young men drop out of college or stop going altogether because they would rather play video games. Relationships suffer, personal hygiene suffers, social anxiety develops and young men get stuck in a rut that is hard to get out of. At Forte Strong's treatment program, our students are able to put themselves into a different environment with a different view of themselves and why it is important to be independent. We teach our young men how to utilize the technology in their lives to their benefit, instead of letting it overtake their lives. We teach them how to overcome unhealthy habits and replace them with positive habits and to maintain a healthy balance in their lives.

Building Confidence / Self-Esteem

Confidence is the ability in oneself to take that next step. Face that next obstacle. Conquer that next goal. Many young men today live an unfulfilling life due to fear of the unknown. They are comfortable living with their parents and coasting through life. They have a desire to be their own man and make their own decisions, but are unsure of where to start. There is a big question mark when it comes to their own future and how to get there or what steps are necessary in getting them from where they are now to where they want to be. They are afraid of failing before they even start!

At Forte Strong, we have many different avenues that build confidence, not just therapy and coaching. All of our young men are involved with things they have never done before. Trying new things in general builds confidence. It helps to illustrate the capabilities and strengths of each of our young men, which gives them a strong foundation of confidence that they can continually build upon! It’s always amazing to see a young man walk away from a new experience with renewed confidence in his abilities!

residential program that builds self confidence self esteem

Our 6 Pillars

Knowledge Is Power

Knowledge can be defined as the practical or theoretical understanding of a subject. It has changed the world many times over and continues to do so. By obtaining quality experience and education we are more aware and intuitive. Knowledge gives us the skill sets we need to be successful in life, which is why our students are required to seek higher education or specialized training based on their goals. These are essential tools we can revert to in times of distress or success.

Forte Strong has set up partnerships with several quality institutions of higher education. These include Dixie State University, Southern Utah University, University of Phoenix, Stevens Heneger College, Dixie Applied Technology College (DXATC) and other trade schools. In other words, it doesn’t matter if you want to become a veterinarian or certified massage therapist, we have the connections to get you trained and educated!

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United We Stand

The founders of this great nation had a united goal in mind which helped the United States of America become what she is today. The sacrifices that helped create our nation are incalculable. This unity is what made her great, and what will fortify her through these uncertain times. We love our country and her people. We remember the sacrifices of those before us, and those who currently serve. We strive to understand how we can continue to make her better and continue the legacy of our forefathers to build “…one nation under God, with liberty and justice for all.”

We also believe that families are stronger when they are united. We endeavor to build up the relationships that each man has with his family because it is that crucial. All of our young men become part of the Forte family. We love, trust, and take care of each other. We believe one of our most important pillars is United We Stand. This pillar is dedicated to service and promoting community involvement and awareness. Let us show you how.

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Unlock Your Potential

Your son has potential! But what does it take to unlock it? Is it just hard work and perseverance or is there another piece to the puzzle? Have you ever wondered why your son struggles day by day while other young men his age seem to achieve so much more with ease? Why is that? Is it fate and bad luck or is it something else entirely…something that can be taught, understood and applied? Regardless of your son’s past or his current circumstances, Forte Strong has the tools, the techniques and the training to get your son off the couch, out of the house and into the real world in less than 6 months. Our unique strength-based, leadership-centered, purpose-driven coaching approach allows us to get straight to the root of issue, address your son’s inability to progress and move upward and onward. Our unique coaching approach ensures all those involved (coaches, parents, and sons) see the strength and potential of each other which allows us to develop a one-of-a-kind approach for each specific student. This gives our students a higher, more goal-oriented purpose to work towards, and allows our network of coaches to use their own individual strengths to help your son realize his.

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Step by Step

All things take working at. Meaning to reach goal “X”, we need to start somewhere. This involves taking small steps which together accomplish a much greater goal. Whatever that goal may be, we teach our young men the process of this step by step philosophy. This step by step process also helps to stimulate and positively reinforce the strides that each man takes on his journey to independence. This mentality creates a proven can-do attitude for each young man and fosters a learned confidence that will allow him to realize that he can overcome any of life’s challenges.

Brick by Brick…. In this day in age instant gratification is a pandemic. We don’t promote overnight success, because success is a process that takes time, effort, and patience. This is where Forte Strong really shines with our specialized curriculum that is set up in way that produces the best results in the least amount of time.

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Living In Balance

Balance is vitally important in everything we do. Nature, physics, recreation, etc… To best illustrate this, think of a cookie recipe. It is only through proper proportions of each ingredient, that makes the final outcome so rewarding. If we were to place too much emphasis on one ingredient, salt for example, it would overpower the other ingredients and create a very distasteful snack. When balance is introduced into our lives, our lives become more calm, manageable, productive, rewarding and meaningful.

Balance is a crucial part of living a healthy and happy life. Out of all the 6 pillars, Living in Balance can be the most difficult and elusive. Some things need to be put on hold while giving ourselves to things that really matter. It’s the 80/20 rule which states that 20% of what we do will give us 80% of the results. On the other side of the token if we focus our attention on the 80% that only gives us 20% of the results. Forte Strong has a proven method of teaching and implementing this strategy so that it works when applied.

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Lead The Way

We believe in creating quality citizens. Part of this mentality comes from being a leader. A leader at home, work, and the community. A quality leader can assist, coach, train, uplift, participate, and help others in countless ways. We teach our men to be leaders, first of themselves, and then expand from there to be a pillar of strength that others can rely upon. The following are highlights of what encompasses our leadership component.

  • - Leadership
  • - Heritage & Family History
  • - Free Agency
  • - Natural Consequences / Responsibility / Accountability
  • - Mentorship
  • - Courage

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