Forte Strong Ethos


Forte Strong was built on the idea that more needed to be done to help young men experiencing failure to launch syndrome, achieve independence and success. We believe that this generation of young men have far more to offer than what society would like us to believe or acknowledge. Mothers know this more than most but are often unsure as to what actions to take and more importantly, where to begin. This is where Forte Strong comes in.

WE BELIEVE that with the right coaching, young men who are failing to launch can become strong, confident, independent and successful so long as they are in an environment that is conducive to learning and growth.  -Brook Price


BUILDING strong, confident and independent MEN. We believe more can be done to help millennials, particularly young men, not only overcome their fears and unlock their true potential, but to do it within a shorter time frame. As a result Forte Strong evolved into what it’s renowned for today: the highest quality ‘failure to launch’ leadership program in the nation.

Forte Strong is rooted in the belief that in order to remain the highest quality program, we needed to always be learning and growing every step of the way. That means better research, better therapeutic techniques and better coaches.


Over the span of 15 years, working as educators, coaches and mentors, we both witnessed hundreds of young men suffering from failure to launch syndrome leave home seeking professional help, only to develop unhealthy habits while attending programs that were designed for drug-addicts, felons and the mentally unstable. As a result, bright and gifted young men were falling by the wayside with no where to turn for help, unsure, scared, and lost. Clearly something needed to be done. We decided to take action and Forte Strong was born.

We wanted to create a program that specifically focused on not only coaching these young men at this very critical point in their life, but ultimately unlocking their potential and helping them achieve more success within a shorter amount of time.  -Matthew Arrington


We developed a program that challenged the current beliefs and practices of the traditional programming model, addressing the core issue of failure to launch syndrome and resolving those issues that once prevented these young men from achieving success at home or at other programs. We did this by having a “quality first” mind-set. First, we hand-select each and every student who enrolls into Forte Strong to ensure a strong, supportive and emotionally safe environment. Second, we developed a curriculum that was completely individualized and engaged our students on an individual level to ensure their experience at Forte Strong was a fun, exciting and rewarding one. The end result was a uniquely selective program that helped catapult these young men to success within a shorter time-frame. This allows our young men to get back in the drivers seat of life, giving our students the ability to take on bigger and more challenging endeavors sooner rather than later, like college, careers and marriage.


Since Forte Strong’s inception in 2011, we’ve become one of the leading experts in failure to launch syndrome and continue to be at the forefront in developing new techniques and innovative approaches to help emerging adults achieve complete independence. In fact, Forte Strong was the first program to research, test and prove that “total” independence could be achieved within a 6 month time frame. As a result, Forte Strong continues to be pioneers in transitional-independent programming for young men ages 18-30.