Do you ever find yourself wondering if your son can make it on his own? Does it feel like he’s stuck in a rut? Do you ever feel frustrated by the amount of time, attention and money that was spent to help him without seeing progress? Do you see specific challenges he currently struggles with: video game addiction and the trio of health concerns associated with it, poor diet, poor sleep habits and poor physical fitness? Does he struggle with academic failure? Or is it employment? Either he “can’t” find a job, or he “can’t” keep it. Are there other challenges that keep him from happy and healthy independence?

Over and over again we hear from parents that their son is really smart, and he is a really good kid who doesn’t make trouble with the law or do drugs, but can’t or won’t pull it together to be successful on his own. He’s been seeing a therapist and taking medications, but the results are not what they hoped for. If this is your son, these, and other challenges, can be overcome with the right environment, the right treatment and an experienced coach at Forte Strong.

A Forte Strong student

A lot of Forte Students initially resisted the idea of coming. After all, most of them were at least comfortable where they were. You may worry that your son will not want help, even though you see that he needs it. Although it must ultimately be his choice to come, you have more influence than you may realize, and Forte Strong staff can help you through the process.

A Forte Strong student typically doesn’t start out with confidence in himself or hope for the future, although quite often he is good at projecting it. Even though there are many students who are very talented and bright, they haven’t experienced themselves as capable individuals in the world and they get easily overwhelmed. It’s a combination of education, experience and necessity that motivates them to make a change.

If you are still unsure whether your son is a good fit, fill out our quick and easy Eligibility Questionnaire.

Spencer’s Story