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Failure to Launch? Build Your Self Esteem!

treat failure to launch by building confidence

One of the biggest things we see when dealing with the failure to launch epidemic is a correlation with low self esteem.  This is not always the case though.  Sometimes we see confident, bright young men just taking advantage of a good situation free of rent, utility, & food payments.  But lets say you fall into the first category, low self esteem.  It is not unusual to see good but shy young man afraid to leave the nest as result … Continued

Help Yourself by Helping Others

help yourself by helping others

A large part of the Forte Strong program involves helping others.  Volunteering, community involvement, service, providing aid, etc…  There are many different terms for serving those in our community.  To understand why this is such an important aspect of our lives, or why it should be important, lets look at a local service capacity that you might be familiar with; your local fire station.  If you live in a smaller or rural town, chances are your fire response team is comprised … Continued

Exercise Helps Deal With Failure To Launch

exercise helps to deal with failure to launch syndrome

When a young adult is struggling with failure to launch syndrome, many parents ask what the sure-fire way is to help their son become independent.  Unfortunately there is not a single answer that will rectify their situation, but a combo of different things that are proven to help the overall picture.  One of the things that we have seen to produce some of the most rapid results is adopting a regular exercise program into their daily schedule.  A recent article … Continued

Establishing Boundaries With Your Struggling Young Adult

Below is an excerpt from Allison Bottke, author of the much talked-about book Setting Boundaries with Your Adult Children.  The following example depicts somewhat of a “fire” scenario where a struggling young adult is stuck in a rebellious and rescuing mode. Although this scenario might not apply to your unique situation, useful information can still be extrapolated from its concept.  Whether your struggling young adult is in this mindset or not, take what you find helpful and apply it. “Enabling parents know that … Continued

Is my son addicted to video games?

This is a popular question we hear a lot.  “Is my son addicted to video games /computer games?  How can I tell?  What do I do?”  According to, the definition of addiction is as follows:  “The state of being enslaved to a habit or practice or to something that is psychologically or physically habit-forming… to such an extent that its cessation causes severe trauma.”  Is it possible to be addicted to video games?  You bet, just like people can be addicted … Continued

Helping vs. Enabling. Whats the difference?

Ok, today we are going to start off on a hot topic, but a very important issue that needs to be addressed.  The big question that many have asked themselves or, rather, SHOULD ask themselves is:  Am I helping or enabling?  First of all lets look at the difference between the two.  HELPING is assisting someone with a situation, task, etc…that they are incapable of doing themselves.  ENABLING is doing something for someone who is fully capable of doing it themselves.  Keep … Continued

Forte Strong Addresses “Failure To Launch Syndrome” Pt 2…

Last week, we gave parents a better understanding of why Failure To Launch occurs from a son’s perspective.  Now, lets take a look at why it’s so difficult and sometimes debilitating from a parent’s perspective. 1. Fear:  Lets be honest… whether you believe it or not, your parents are concerned for your well being.  They are scared for you.  You might ask yourself, “Why?”  Well, its simple.  They’re afraid you’ll fail, get disappointed, be let down, remain stuck and become unhappy. … Continued

Forte Strong addresses “Failure To Launch Syndrome”

What causes the evermore popular failure to launch syndrome?  Are there symptoms?  How can one overcome it?  To begin with, lets address a few of the possible underlying reasons for why failure to launch occurs. 1. Self-esteem:  Self esteem is an important factor in considering one’s level of confidence.  Confidence can help your son get a job, make good decisions, create long-lasting relationships and the list goes on and on .  Heck, confidence can even help him get that number … Continued