Lead The Way toward Independence with Confidence

We believe in creating quality citizens. Part of this mentality comes from being a leader. A leader at home, work, and the community. A quality leader can assist, coach, train, uplift, participate, and help others in countless ways. We teach our men to be leaders, first of themselves, and then expand from there to be a pillar of strength that others can rely upon. The following are highlights of what encompasses our leadership component.

  • Leadership
  • Personal Responsibility & Accountability
  • Positive Relationships



Leaders go first. If they’re going somewhere others want to go, others will follow, it’s that simple. To lead, a leader must have a vision; a vision, and a story of that vision that he tells others in such a way that it inspires them to follow. What is that vision? Before coming here, students may or may not have a vision for their life. Most students have no clue; they haven’t clarified what they want into a clear, emotionally compelling picture that they tell themselves is worth doing whatever it takes to get it. A student needs a vision, a story, and support from others as he takes charge of his own life and leads himself to the future he wants for himself.


Personal Responsibility & Accountability

A tenet that Forte Strong holds to is that each person is responsible for the decisions they make and the attending consequences. Being totally accountable for the results of our decisions is about learning from them. If the results move us toward the desired outcome, great. If not, what can be done differently that will lead to getting the result? We always teach students to create win/win solutions for themselves. We encourage cooperation with others, but we stress that each student is responsible for living their own life. We challenge every student who tries to shift blame and responsibility for their actions and outcomes to others to look in the mirror and evaluate what they need to do differently to achieve success in whatever endeavor is important to them.

Positive Relationships

We emphasize creating and developing high-quality relationships. At Forte Strong, we are committed to creating life-long relationships. Students who are the most successful leverage the positive connections around them. They take their cues from their most successful peers. The peer culture at Forte Strong is cultivated with great care for this reason. Students often come into Forte Strong with a negative attitude and that’s understandable. Most students quickly find other students to follow who are a positive influence and change their attitude. They tap into the power and resourcefulness of their peers and their learning and growth are accelerated. Creating a positive and supportive environment that fosters positive lasting relationships is so important that those few students who adamantly cling to a victim mentality and negative behaviors that disrupt others’ progress are given the opportunity to either leave the program or shift their perspective and become a leader, moving in a positive direction that uplifts those around them.