5th Pillar: Lead The Way

Lead The Way toward Independence with Confidence

We believe in creating quality citizens. Part of this mentality comes from being a leader. A leader at home, work, and the community. A quality leader can assist, coach, train, uplift, participate, and help others in countless ways. We teach our men to be leaders, first of themselves, and then expand from there to be a pillar of strength that others can rely upon. The following are highlights of what encompasses our leadership component.

  • Leadership
  • Heritage & Family History
  • Free Agency
  • Natural Consequences / Responsibility / Accountability
  • Mentorship
  • Courage
  • Self Defense / Protection
  • Emergency Preparedness
  • Public Speaking
  • Relationships / Camaraderie



If there is one thing that the most prestigious organizations in the nation try to teach and incorporate into their culture, it is leadership. Leadership is the ability to help others get where you already want to go. Leadership can be good and bad. It can create chaos, hatred, and fear and it can also create love, hope, and prosperity. Leadership is an complex tool consisting of many other different tools that when combined can have amazing or devastating consequences. This is one area where many institutions claim they can give your son the leadership he needs, but don’t have the experience and the know how to deliver on their claim and the result sometimes backfire. Brook Price knows what leadership really means. Packed with experience and know-how by serving over 5 years in the Marine Corps, he came to a understanding of what leadership really means and better yet, how to use it effectively.


Heritage / Family History

At Forte Strong we believe that to know where you’re going you first must know where you’ve been. Family heritage is such an important part of a person’s identity. Family heritage has nothing to do with status but rather with legacy. It isn’t something that can be conjured up or copied, it is something that you are born with deep inside you. Because Forte Strong’s mission is to unlock your potential, we must also understand the legacy and heritage that you and your family carry with them to truly unlock what you might have not known exists from inside you. At Forte Strong we know where we came from and where we’re going, do you?


Free Agency

At Forte Strong we don’t give orders or demand you do this or that. As a Forte Strong family we all agree to abide by the Forte Strong Code of Conduct… other than that, everything else is many shades of gray. We don’t expect you to see things our way, his or her way, or anyone’s way. We understand that everyone sees the world through their own eyes. A sense of autonomy is encouraged at Forte Strong. We understand that you bring a unique set of skills and strengths to the table that can only come from you.


Responsibility & Accountability

At Forte Strong we believe that each person is responsible for the choices they make and must own the consequences of those decisions whether good or bad. Everyone at Forte Strong learns a very important lesson right from the beginning at Forte Strong and that is that we take ownership for our choices. We take ownership for our successes and our mistakes, our achievements and our shortcomings, no matter who you are. From the Founder to the Cook, to the individual mentors and students… we all take accountability for what we do or fail to do. At Forte Strong we believe in life-long learning and learning happens by making mistakes, but mistakes mean very little if we can’t be responsible for the mistakes we do make.



This is one of Forte Strong’s most honored and exonerated title. Being a mentor is one of the most important things we can do in this life. Being a mentor at Forte Strong is much more than advice, experience, and guidance… it’s about leading by example. Many people have the experience, the know-how, and the intelligence to  give you advice… but very few people can show by example. 90% of human beings learn by watching others first.



Courage is much more than doing something despite the fear. There is big distinction between having courage and being courageous. It takes courage to go cliff diving but that doesn’t mean you are courageous. To be courageous is much more than just having courage. It’s about having courage when you have much more to lose than your shorts. Being courageous is not only an act but a belief. When someone is courageous… they display courage every single day at all times. That is courageous. At Forte Strong we believe in being courageous no matter what the odds.


Self Defense & Protection

At Forte Strong we 100% believe in Self defensive and Protecting yourself. This is one of the rights guaranteed to us by our Constitution. Self defense doesn’t mean you are involved or instructed in martial arts, though that is a viable option  that Forte Strong offers all students, it could also be in understanding how to protect oneself without physical contact. Knowing what can greatly reduce the risk of being a statistic is the most important. Every student at Forte Strong is taught the basics of self-defense and protection as part of our curriculum. Understanding what times of day are the greatest risk of crime, how to ward off an potential threat by utilizing your cell, car, voice and many other ways can help anyone avoid a possible life-threatening situation.


Emergency Preparedness

Being prepared is a very important part of Forte Strong. That’s why at Forte Strong we make sure every student knows how to make a 72 hour emergency kit from scratch. Every student at Forte Strong has a 72 hour kit that they themselves have made. Every student at Forte Strong also learns the basics of how to turn off a broken gas line, water line, and electricity in an emergency situation. Every Forte Strong student is trained on how to extinguish an electric, oil, and regular fire along with being trained on emergency evacuation fire protocol.


Public Speaking

This is the hardest and also most rewarding part for most students at Forte Strong. It is a fact that 99% of people who are hired for a leadership position are hired by not only what they know what how well they can communicate their point to others, whether it is the president of the United States or whether it is a high school class president. At Forte Strong we help your son be able to speak in front of others effectively and with confidence. Let us get you there.


Relationships & Camaraderie

Relationships is the most important part of what we do here. At Forte Strong we are committed to creating life-long relationships. That is why at Forte Strong we pride ourselves on having the largest most extensive support network out there. It’s hard not to want to get involved in something that makes such a difference in your life and your family, which is why it is common for past students and their families to want to stay involved in Forte Strong even after their son has left our doors and has moved on in their life to do some great things.