4th Pillar: United We Stand

United We Stand Divided We Fall

Young men who return home soon after leaving the nest, often known as “boomerang kids”, are failing to launch successfully as a result of not having a strong social network, in essence they are not united. These same young men find it difficult to push past their mistakes and rise above their circumstances because they are divided when they should be united. Instead of relying on the support of others during those hard times, they try and do it alone. This is often a direct result of these young men lacking the social skills to create strong social networks upon which to rely upon when life gets tough. Without a strong united front, these young men who once gallantly left home to conquer the world, quickly retreat back to the safe confines of home, lock themselves in their room and never come out. What these young men lack is a strong united support network of friends, family and mentors. This is exactly what Forte Strong provides.


Our Nation’s Example

The founders of this great nation had a united goal in mind which helped the United States become what she is today. The sacrifices that helped create our nation are incalculable. This unity is what made her great, and what will fortify her through uncertain times. We love our country and her people. We remember the sacrifices of those before us, and those who currently serve. We strive to understand how we can continue to make her better and continue the legacy our forefathers built “…one nation under God, with liberty and justice for all.”

We also believe the same is true for families. Families are stronger when they are united. We endeavor to build up the relationships that each man has with his family because it is that crucial. In addition to your family, all of our young men become part of the Forte family. We love, trust, and take care of each other. We believe in the mantra, United We Stand, Divided We Fall. This pillar promotes unity, sacrifice and teamwork and is dedicated toward helping each other, serving our fellow man and promoting community involvement and social awareness.


Community Involvement

We are passionate about being involved in our local community. This doesn’t mean wearing a orange jump suit and picking up trash on the side of the road. This means so much more. At Forte Strong we take a much more active role in the community. When things happen, Forte Strong is one of the first to act and take charge. This is part of Forte Strong’s 4th pillar: Lead the Way. Every young man at Forte Strong has the opportunity to lead a team when the community is in need. When people need our help… we answer the call.


Service and Giving Back

Service is an important part of Forte Strong.  At Forte Strong we understand the hardships and difficulties that many families face every day and we are dedicated to lending a helping hand that makes a difference. At Forte Strong we believe in giving back, not only by volunteering our time and abilities for others but by also giving a little bit of our substance, whether that is by donating some of our old clothes, food, or fundraising for a charitable cause. We believe in paying it forward.



What is patriotism? Do you have it? Did your Dad have it? What about your Dad’s Dad? What was considered patriotic back then as opposed to today? What do we hold so dear as Americans? What is our American History and Heritage? At Forte Strong we learn about Our American Heritage. Every student at Forte Strong understands the importance of Constitution, The Bill of Rights, and The Declaration of Independence. They begin to understand what made America great so the tradition will continue to live on. At Forte Strong we believe that learning about our illustrious heritage ensures a bright future.



One of the most important things a citizen can do is vote. Forte Strong is set up to make sure that we take this responsibility seriously. But is voting as simple as picking someone and checking yes or no in the box, or is there more. Of course there is… much much more. In fact how can you make an informed decision without being informed? This comes back to our 3rd Pillar: Knowledge is Power. We must first be educated about our country, the constitution to include our rights and responsibilities as US citizens. This is why at Forte Strong one of the key components to becoming Forte Strong is becoming a quality citizen. A quality citizen is someone who obeys the law and also understands the law. As Americans we are not merely subject to the law but we also create the law within the confines of the constitution. At Forte Strong we teach every student what goes on in a town meeting, how it functions, what is talked about, and how things are decided. We also talk about the impact the local citizens can have on the community.


Strengthening Families

The family is the very foundation of Forte Strong and for good reason. We know that without a quality support system little if no progress will take place. Why? Fear. Fear is the reason why we don’t reach our potential and one of the best ways to overcome fear is with a network of people who not only care, but have also been there and done that. There are plenty of staff working out there today trying to help their students yet the staff themselves are afraid to unlock their own potential. That’s a lot like the blind leading the blind. When someone is in a state of vulnerability you must be able to not only reassure them but be able to guide them to success. Would you follow a mountain climber who has never even climbed a mountain before but someone hired him and told him what to do and then told him to go lead a group of young men to the top of Mt Everest. Don’t be fooled… some of the obstacles in some of these young men lives are just as big as Everest and need to be treated that way. What does your son need to succeed? Does he need someone yelling in his face and telling him to do 25 push-ups? I highly doubt that. What is the criteria required for someone to become a staff, mentor at a program? At Forte Strong we guarantee all our staff are fully qualified before working with your son. All our staff must be Forte Strong certified before actually becoming a Forte Strong coach. We are the best around and we have what it takes to help your son succeed.