6th Pillar: Step by Step

Culture & Curriculum

The right environment is the foundation upon which all other 5 Pillars are built upon. It doesn’t matter what you are trying to teach young men if the environment is problematic. For example: imagine your son trying to learn algebra at school in a classroom filled with students who are loud, disrespectful and never wanted to be there to begin with? The same goes for teachers as well. Imagine your son being taught by a teacher who was undisciplined, unmotivated and lazy? Those are the schools parents and students want to avoid and for good reason. That’s exactly why parents choose to spend more money on quality schools where they know their son will thrive. It just makes perfect sense.



This is why Forte Strong is so selective in both our student body and our coaches. Forte Strong is built on an environment of support, acceptance, optimism, appreciation and respect. How do we create this environment of success? By first ensuring that each and every student that attends Forte Strong is hand-picked by the founders. That’s right… the founders of Forte Strong hand-pick each and every student that enrolls to ensure Forte Strong continues to be the very best.

“Selection is absolutely everything. Whether it be coaches, advisors or students, if you want to foster an environment of strength and success, you must choose people that want to be strong and successful. Selecting men who are willing to put forth the effort to become better men is the first step in creating an environment of success… period.”  -Brook C Price

Step By Step

All things take work. Meaning to reach goal “X”, we need to start at the beginning. This involves taking small steps which together accomplish a much greater goal. Whatever that goal may be, we teach our young men the process of this step by step philosophy within an environment that is conducive to learning and growth. This step by step process also stimulates and reinforces the strides that each man takes on his journey to independence and manhood. This positive mental outlook creates a can-do attitude for each young man and fosters a learned confidence that will allow him to realize he can overcome any of life’s challenges when he places himself in the right environment.

“Brick by Brick my citizens, brick by brick” Roman Emperor Hadrian taught the citizens of Rome to not become frozen by the huge task laid before them, but to focus on the simplest and smallest of tasks. Today, instant gratification has become a pandemic. Many young men fail at life because they expect it to come overnight. Once they discover that success is built one brick at a time they quickly give up because they don’t have the perseverance nor confidence to finish the task.

We don’t promote overnight success, because success is a process that takes time, effort, and patience. This is where Forte Strong really shines with a specialized curriculum that is structured in way that helps young men build a life of independence one brick at a time. Not too fast that it would overwhelm them and not too slow that they would lose focus. Our 6 month curriculum produces the best results in the least amount of time.


Order and Prioritization

In order to do what is necessary, you need to have just that… order. Without order you have chaos. Forte Strong is set up to be as easy as ABC. Can you imagine learning the alphabet like this, ADBEG…? Yet that is exactly what many programs do. They start with D then go to B then back to A and then wonder why the student is confused, overwhelmed, and struggling. Forte Strong is set up to make learning easy to understand and easy to apply. Many programs teach a variety of concepts, but what good does it do if you don’t do it in a way that the student can understand and then apply?  You don’t teach Calculus to a student who is just beginning to learn Algebra. Algebra must be learned first and once that is mastered you move on to more difficult subjects. The same thing applies in real life. If you are to teach someone how to do laundry would you tell them to put the clothes in the dryer and then to the washer. Of course not. The clothes do in fact need both the dryer and the washer but the outcome would differ depending on the order you do your clothes.


Time Management

Everything takes time… it is true that you can take less time or more time to do something, but no time is not possible. Many programs choose the speed of the student so called success based on the money coming in from the parents. The less money the parents have the less energy they give your son or daughter. Many program also encourage you to sign binding contracts and tell you your son or daughter will need a year before seeing any measurable progress. Though we don’t doubt that these programs need a year to achieve these results, at Forte Strong we only need 6 months. The reason we guarantee this is because of our no-nonsense specialized selection process that ensures that the students who we select for Forte Strong are the right fit and can handle a fast paced, energized, intense, challenging learning environment.


Goal Setting

Goals is usually the most misunderstood component of any team or organization. This is such a key component of any organization that when done wrong or not taken seriously it can have some serious complication and negative side effects. Yet this one area can change someone’s life completely around if done properly and consistently. At Forte Strong goals are a vital component of our curriculum. Not only does Forte Strong focus on the goals while you are here on campus, but we provide consist follow through even after you leave to ensure you keep the momentum and the new resolve you gain while you attended Forte Strong.


5 Basic Needs

You would be surprised how many of us don’t understand our 5 basic needs. This is one of the concepts we teach every single day. How we prioritize those needs will often decide whether we have a successful life over an unsuccessful one. Are you someone who values playing video games over going to work? Have you called in sick to work to play more video games? If this is true than you struggle with balancing your 5 Basic needs. Master this step and you could change your entire life. Let us show you how.



Everything takes time. Some things more than others. The amount of time and effort you put into something the less time you need to make a big change. However, nothing in life goes the way we want it to go. Patience is a virtue that when mastered can really make a difference in someone’s life. When you plant a garden, you can water the plants all you want and they are not going to grow any faster, in fact, too much water and they’ll die. At Forte Strong we believe in patience and the fruits it can bare when applied correctly. Let Forte Strong show you what it takes.



An important art to master in the world today is the ability to communicate effectively. This is so important that it can be the difference between getting a job or getting fired from one. It can get you a date or prompt her to avoid you. It can make a friend or lose one… it can make life a happier place or a dreary prison and yet it all depends on how effectively you communicate with others. At Forte Strong we take this seriously. We not only teach you the principles of effective communication, but we have you practice those principles every single day. Let us show you how it works.


Hands On

Everything is hands on at Forte Strong. We have always believed that men learn by doing. For example, a carpenter doesn’t teach an apprentice how to be a carpenter by lecturing and handing out written assignments. A good carpenter takes the time to personally show his apprentice how to do it first, explaining each step along the way and then afterward let’s his apprentice practice doing it himself with the carpenter right there to guide him.