Forte Strong Culture



Forte Strong is very selective about who is admitted to join the community of students. Forte Strong was established on the principles of support, acceptance, optimism, appreciation and respect. To we create and maintain an environment that supports these principles of success requires that each and every student that attends Forte Strong is carefully selected. For this reason, the selection progress is rigorous. Not just anyone qualifies to come to Forte Strong. That principle applies to staff. Staff are even more carefully vetted and are hired on a trial basis. Staff that are unwilling or unable to maintain high personal and professional standards cannot work on the treatment team. The leadership at Forte Strong recognize that students are constantly aware of staff…and while there are no perfect people, there are people of high integrity and students can see the difference.

“Selection is absolutely everything. Whether it be coaches, advisors or students, if you want to foster an environment of strength and success, you must choose people that want to be strong and successful. Selecting men who are willing to put forth the effort to become better men is the first step in creating an environment of success… period.”  -Founder, Brook C Price

Step By Step

“Brick by brick my citizens, brick by brick” Roman Emperor Hadrian taught the citizens of Rome to break down the huge task laid before them into smaller, actionable right now tasks. Young men often feel pressured to do things that require a combination of skills. What gets overlooked is most skills are made up of less complex skills; each of which must be mastered and combined to makeup a complex skill. The misconception is that one can learn a complex skill without learning the basic skills that it is comprised of. This is like expecting to read a sentence without first learning the more basic skill of reading a word. 

We emphasize mastery of the basic, fundamental skills which make up the more complex skills that we recognize as behaviors. With the addition of each basic skill, the capabilities of the student grows, along with his confidence. By celebrating the mastery of any basic skill that a student needed to get a result, the student is made aware that success is made up of a series of actionable steps that, when repeated over time in the right direction, lead to their desired outcomes. Students that grasp this feel empowered and excited.


The one skill that everyone uses to be successful in life is the skill of communication. Whatever it is that a student wants to accomplish, they need to be able to communicate it. If nothing else, and even though it isn’t often thought of as a skill, the skill to effectively communicate to oneself is invaluable. Think about the difference it would make in the life of a student who talks down to themselves all the time if they learned to encourage themselves instead. Communication with others and with oneself is a skill that is useful in all areas of life. Improving communication skills increases a person’s capacity for exponential learning and growth that has implications far into the future. 

Goal Setting

Acquiring even the most basic of skills makes no sense if their isn’t a reason to learn it in the first place. A person who aspires to lead a company as a CEO will focus on learning the skills they believe will support them in accomplishing that vision. Goals are like mileposts along the way to creating the vision a person has for their life. People typically don’t even think about a skill unless it has some relevance to milestone in their life. This is why goal setting only makes sense when there is vision and purpose; when there is an outcome. The first step is to establish what a student desires after Forte Strong, so they know what skills they need to develop to achieve their desires after they leave the program.