Failure To Launch Programs

Are all created equally? What you should know!

There are a lot of different failure-to-launch treatment programs out there, from wilderness camps to addiction treatment centers to residential programs. How can you choose which program is best for you or your child?

Forte Strong offers perhaps the most realistic and elite failure-to-launch program approach available. At Forte Strong, we create opportunities for our young adult men to be the responsible, self-reliant, capable young adult men we know they are capable of being. Started in 2011, with a combined background of over 15 years prior experience coaching this specific group of young men, Forte Strong pioneered an approach directly helping with the failure-to-launch epidemic that is becoming so prevalent in our society today. We are very focused and passionate about what we do. Whatever you may call it, failure to launch, failure to launch syndrome, boomerang kids, Peter Pan syndrome, boomerang generation, etc… We work with these young men to help them become independent.

What makes Forte Strong Different vs. Substance & Recovery Programs?

Forte Strong is not an addiction treatment program in the traditional sense. That is, we are not a substance abuse and recovery program. If your son is dealing with substance abuse, we are happy to give you several referrals to high-quality substance recovery programs that your son will probably be better off starting with, before he is at the level where he can take advantage of the more advanced life skills we teach that foster independence. The young adults we primarily work with are bright, kind, caring individuals who for one reason or another are stuck in a rut and are finding it difficult to move forward and be productive. Some of them are dealing with issues such as social anxiety, avoidant personality disorder (AVPD), lack of motivation, video game addiction, internet addiction, depression, fear of failure, commitment issues, ADD/ADHD, etc… or are simply lacking in some of the fundamental life skills that make life possible. Many of our students have been to college but have found it difficult to maintain self-reliance, and have dropped out, been academically suspended, or found it overwhelming and reverted to not going to class. We also have some students who have achieved their degrees but are unsure how to proceed with it, or on the opposite side of the spectrum, some students who need to obtain their high school diploma/GED. Forte Strong uses a three-step selection process to ensure our approach to independence is an appropriate fit for the potential applicant.

The Forte Strong program is conducive to how our students will live and thrive in the real world, and overcome failure-to-launch syndrome. They learn important skills such as job searching, interviewing, personal time management, personal financial management, effective/appropriate communication techniques, conflict resolution, problem-solving, confidence building, enhancing/maintaining relationships, cooking on a budget, physical fitness, and many more. We also believe in a balanced lifestyle so we supplement our real-world growth model with exciting and confidence-building activities and excursions which creates important teaching and personal growth opportunities for our students. The feedback we have received over the years from our students is that they love the environment at Forte Strong because it doesn’t “feel like a program.” We give our students the autonomy and challenge they need to get outside their comfort zone, take healthy risks, and develop new, productive habits that fit within what is realistic and beneficial for them on an individual level.

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