1st Pillar: Unlock Your Potential

The Key to Unlock His Potential

Your son has potential! But what does it take to unlock it? Is it just hard work and perseverance or is there another piece to the puzzle for those young men who experience failure to launch? Have you ever wondered why your son struggles day after day while other millenials his age seem to achieve so much more success with ease? Why is that? Is it fate and bad luck or is it something else entirely…something that can be taught, understood and applied? Regardless of your son’s past or current circumstances Forte Strong has the tools, the techniques and the training to get him off the couch, out of the house and successfully navigating the real world in 6 months. Our unique strength-based, leadership-centered, purpose-driven coaching approach allows us to get straight to the root of issue, address his inability to progress and quickly move upward and onward.


A Strength-Based Approach

Ask the top ten coaches in any sport, in any country how to transform a mediocre team into a championship team and they will tell you to “Focus on his Strengths!” At Forte Strong the first thing we do when you walk through the door is discover his strengths by utilizing a groundbreaking individualized strength assessment that evaluates each of his 34 different strength themes and then pin-points his top 5 strengths. Once we identify his top 5 strengths… we get right to work in developing them.


A Backwards Approach:

We help your son discover what he really wants out of life and then work backwards! We know the best way to accomplish any goal is to start with the end in mind and work back from there. Have you witnessed a family member spend years attending college only to find out upon graduation he has no plan and no clue what to do? According to a recent 2011 poll, 85% of college grads decided to move back in with mom and dad after college. Don’t be a statistic, let Forte Strong show your son how.


A Boy Scout Approach

Most of us remember the Boy Scout Motto, “Be Prepared” but is your son adequately prepared for life? Abraham Lincoln was quoted saying, “Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe.” What your son may fail to realize is success has just as much to do with preparation as it does execution!  I’m sure you would never think about building a house without a set of blueprints… yet many young men do that in life and create a mess! What your son needs is a good architect, but for life… an experienced coach for example. Someone who understands your son’s the skills and has the know how to help him build a better future through proper planning.


An Individualized Approach

At Forte Strong we focus on the individual rather than a one-size-fits-all approach. We understand that your son is unique and what works for you or me or someone else may not work for him. At Forte Strong, you’ll never find a generic checklist that looks like it’s been xeroxed a thousand times for your son to mindlessly check off each week. Our team of experienced coaches evaluate your son’s progress and then work with him one-on-one to help him develop a daily, weekly and monthly plan to hone his skills, develop his strengths and develop as a leader. Our curriculum is tailored to him.


A Purpose-Driven Approach

What is “Potential” and how do you unlock it? If “Potential” is defined as the “Capacity to Become” and each of us is born with this gift within us then how do we get there? At Forte Strong we believe that purpose leads to potential, neither can exist without the other. Does your son know what his Purpose is? Forte Strong can help him discover what drives his motives and behavior to show him how his purpose fits within the bigger picture of his life.


A Village Approach

We know there is truth behind the wise-old maxim, ‘It takes a village to raise a child.’ The happiest people in the world have one thing in common… they surround themselves with happy people.  We grow the most when we are challenged in an environment where we are surrounded by the support and confidence of friends. At Forte Strong we believe the best way to go from good to great is with an amazing support network.  We believe it takes a village to raise a child which is why Forte Strong has a large support network out there from coaches to mentors to advisors!  With a ratio of one mentor for every student, a coach for every 3, along with over 25 advisors and growing… there is nothing that compares to the level of support that comes with Forte Strong.