What We Do


Forte Strong is a unique life-coaching education program that help young men who are failing to launch. We give these young men who are failing to launch the skills and the confidence they need to take charge of their own life. Forte Strong is a unique program that is specifically designed to help these young men succeed by creating a challenging yet safe setting that mimics the real world. It starts with you… you must take that first step toward getting him off the couch and into the real world where he can begin to practice the skills that are taught here at Forte Strong. Only then can he gain the necessary experience he will need to achieve independence. We have developed a proven one-of-a-kind accelerated curriculum that will hone his skills, develop his talents, increase his confidence and shape his character into the man he was always meant to be. We take timid and discouraged young men (ages 18 to 26) and give them the tools, support and guidance they need to change their lives forever! In just 6 months your son will become a strong and confident man, proved and ready to show you that he can take on the challenges of life on his own.


We specialize in strength-based coaching, a technique that creates monumental change in young men struggling to make it on their own. We are the pioneers in “failure to launch syndrome” and continue to develop new ways to achieve more success in less time. We do this by having a team of highly knowledgeable and experienced coaches and therapists who can give your son the skills and structure he needs to succeed.

We believe that with the right guidance, in the right environment and with the right support your son can defy the odds. Your son is not a statistic. He’s someone with unique strengths, abilities, and talents which, when correctly understood, can be developed and utilized. At Forte Strong we specialize in helping young men discover their strengths, understand them, and apply them so they can unlock their potential and achieve independence.

I’d like for you to see your son as a seed and inside that seed is unlimited potential. But, that same seed with unlimited potential has a very hard, very guarded and possibly even impenetrable shell. Over-time that shell has become harder and harder to open, unless of course you know the secret to opening it. There are three things that need to take place for that shell to open. First, that seed needs to placed in a nourishing environment, an environment cultivated in the highest degrees of honesty and respect. Second, that seed needs to be under the careful eye and the skillful hands of an experienced master,. Third, the seed needs to be protected at all costs from those things that would do it harm, whether that be weeds, or birds, or pestilence. Once those 3 conditions are met, that once impenetrable shell begins to slowly open up. Over the next few weeks, roots begin to settle and a tender plant begins to emerge. The first phase of this young plant’s growth is the most crucial. As long as those strict conditions are met for the first few months of it’s life, the plant will thrive and continue to grow in strength. Under these conditions and with right tutelage your son can grow into a strong and resilient tree, able to withstand the winds and storms of life.

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