The 6 Pillars of Independence

A 3 Stage Curriculum

Forte Strong provides a daily structure for our clients/students by creating a dynamic schedule that is tailored around the current peer group. In order to create and foster a positive peer culture and engagement into the program, we allow our students to collaborate with coaches to help design the curriculum that will best assist the contemporary group of students with the current issues they need assistance with. Weekly evaluation of the efficacy of the schedule is conducted between the Program Director and the student body. Each week will have elements of therapeutic restoration, physical fitness, financial management, employment education, health & well-being, personal development, self awareness, and other topics that are relevant to our students success and growth. By constantly evaluating our curriculum and schedule we are able to appropriately identify the uniqueness of our students and find ways that will help guide them to a life of fulfillment and independence.

Our curriculum flows within a 6 Pillar framework that helps guide your son to success by allowing him to choose his own course within a structured yet flexible curriculum that’s tailored to his strengths and talents. The 6 Pillars are laid out in a 3 stage process that progressively becomes more and more challenging over time. Each stage serves a purpose within the larger structure, all leading up to the culmination of independence and manhood.

1. Introspection Stage

This is the stage where your son will be taking a hard look at himself (looking inward) by focusing on who he is now in the present. The artificial facade he once used to hide his insecurities will begin to fade and a genuine and authentic man emerges in its place. Each day for the next 4 weeks your son will be learning more about himself, discovering his strengths, his social skills, his innate motives, his value system, his personality traits, his coping mechanisms, his learning style and all while learning the very basic fundamentals of independence. During this stage your son is an observer, He is constantly watching what the coaches and other students in Stage 2 and Stage 3 are doing and learning by their example. In this stage, your son has a small degree of responsibility.

2. Development Stage

Stage 2 is where your son becomes more familiar with who he is, what he wants and how to get there! At this stage your son clearly understands what’s expected and what it means to be Forte Strong. He’s now immersed in the culture and is beginning to take on more responsibility and overcome some big challenges. At this point, your son understands his unique and innate character traits and begins to develop those traits by putting them into practice. In this stage he’s required to make a lot of mistakes. Most of your son’s growth will occur in this stage as he builds trust, learns to negotiate life’s ups and downs and becomes more accustomed to making mistakes and learning from them. Your son’s coach will be right there as he navigates through the many obstacles he will surely face along the way toward the next stage of independence and manhood.

3. Actualization Stage

Stage 3 is about Actualization. Everything that your son has seen (observed) and done (developed) will now be taught (actualized). For the first time your son will now be in a roll of leadership. He will have much higher expectations and much harder challenges in this stage than any other. All that he has now learned will be internalized as he teaches these newly acquired skills to others. In this stage your son now begins to understand the meaning of sacrifice, loyalty, selflessness, and gratitude. This is the stage where your son begins to see you in a whole different light. He has a deep appreciation for the sacrifices you’ve made to get him to where he was to where he is now. At the end of Stage 3 our students graduate.

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