Many people stress the importance of being a good leader.  But where does it start?  Are good leaders born or trained?  Whats the secret formula to becoming a good leader?  Many different people rise in the ranks of leadership through different paths, but at Forte Strong we teach our students the fundamentals of leadership.  Leadership starts inside and it is important to understand oneself before they can be an effective leader to others.

Dr. Nancy Huber, author of the book Leading from Within suggests four leadership traits (choices) that are essential to a leader:
strength patience passion
Passion – Purpose and passion go hand in hand. To be an effective leader, you must first care. When you care deeply, you have a passion that is more than simply the spark that gets you started, it is the fire inside that will sustain you. It is a commitment so compelling that your whole self — body, mind, and spirit — are engaged. Passion is not the same as a single-minded determination to get what you want or to create the changes you think should be made. Rather, passion for a higher purpose is characterized by an openness to possibilities and the innate belief that people want to work together to create the best future imaginable. Passion plus possibilities gives you courage!


Authenticity – To be authentic is to be genuine. From my perspective, this means being who you are, all the time. To be authentic frees us to be everything we were meant to be! We admit our shortcomings to ourselves, recognize our strengths, and live who we are. When someone feels the need to behave in a particular way while at work and not be the person they know themselves to be at home or with friends, something has to give. The result is either an implosion or an explosion of the self. I believe that much of the disconnectedness we sometimes feel grows out of a need for authenticity. We long for genuine, trustworthy interaction where we live and work, and we experience fulfillment when our relationships with others are honest, grounded in the truth of who we are.


Credibility – If you are to have credibility, you must do what you say you will do. Your reputation as a credible person develops as a direct result of the trust others have in you to follow through, acting on what you have committed yourself to do. From my perspective, credibility begins with being authentic and is manifested in the actions you promise AND deliver. It is being accountable for what you say you will do. Whereas authenticity is grounded in personal integrity, credibility is grounded in interpersonal integrity.


Ethics – Ethical leaders have at the center of their belief system a high regard for human worth and dignity. They make decisions and take action in accordance with these deeply held values and beliefs. Service to others and a commitment to the greater good for more people is the essence of what it means to be ethical. Being ethical is a choice you make when passion, authenticity, and credibility are aligned with a belief system which is grounded in service to the global community.”

We coach our students to understand themselves and be comfortable in their own skin.  By understanding who they are, they’re able to communicate more effectively, make sound decisions, be an example to others and accomplish difficult tasks on their own. Being a leader is not something that only the few possess. It can be learned, developed and honed. Click Lead the Way to find out how.

-The Forte Strong Family



About the Author

Matthew Arrington grew up in Southern California and has a deep fondness for the ocean and water in general. He’s lived in most of the western united states and attended school in Oregon, where he earned a few degrees in business including, marketing, leadership and organizational management and a Masters in Business. Matt has a huge passion for working with young men to increase their chances of success and credits his current success to the many positive male role models that helped him grow into manhood.