Forte Strong’s treatment program caters to young men ages 18-26 who struggle to make it on their own. Whether his goal is to get into the best shape of his life, gain the self-confidence to succeed, learn to be self-reliant, or to unlock his true potential… Forte Strong can get him there.
The average stay at Forte Strong is 7 months. This is the perfect amount of time for your son to practice and internalize what we teach but not so much time as to inhibit his natural desire to be an autonomous adult with goals and dreams of his own.
Forte Strong is located in the city of St. George on the southwest corner of Southern Utah. St. George is less than 2 hours North of Las Vegas and 4 hours South of Salt Lake City. Outdoor enthusiasts come to Southern Utah’s world famous ski resorts, rock climbing, canyoneering, river rafting, mountain biking and fishing; not to mention 5 National Parks including Arches, Zion, Canyonlands, Bryce Canyon, and Capitol Reef. We immerse our students in a myriad of learning opportunities and in an environment centered around experiential learning which is why we feel Forte Strong is perfectly located for our students.
Forte Strong is not a rehab and does not work with students who currently have drug, violence, sexual abuse, or severe psychological problems. Forte Strong is a life-education program that focuses on Failure to Launch Syndrome, Avoidant Personality, Social Anxiety Disorder and Adjustment Disorder as well as video game addiction, pornography, depression, low self-esteem, entitlement, affluenza and other similar issues.
Forte Strong is open enrollment throughout the year. We work with your son on an individual one-on-one basis, meaning we don’t wait to reach a specific quota of students to give your son the help he needs now. We believe “there is no better time than the present to make a positive change for the future.”
Yes. Forte Strong offers a variety of scholarships through out the year. Please note that all scholarships are intensely competitive. To qualify your son must first go through a rigorous selection process in order to be considered eligible for Forte Strong. Once he pass our selection process (Eligibility Questionnaire, Interview and Application) your son will be given a scholarship application to complete and turn in within 5 business days. Once the application is submitted, it is carefully evaluated and a decision is reached within 3 business days. Your son is then notified of the results.
Yes. Parents interested in financial assistance can easily apply online and receive an answer in just a few minutes. Forte Strong is pleased to partner with Prosper Lending, a trusted financing company in the behavioral health industry. Find out if you qualify today. Click HERE to start the pre-approval process.
Your son is encouraged to attend college or a form of higher education when he’s ready. Many Forte Strong students have attended college in the past and have failed out for different reasons, but none from a lack of intelligence; rather from a lack of purpose or discipline.
Your son will receive a Forte Strong scooter when he arrives. This gives your son more opportunities. These Honda scooters are easy to maintain, easy to ride and will help your son achieve financial independence sooner. Did you know coaches ride scooters too… it’s all part of our culture here at Forte Strong.
We make sure we safely ease your son into riding his scooter. Your son will spend a few days learning to operate, maneuver, and maintain his scooter with the help of a trained coach. Our students are given a written and practical exam before being allowed to ride the scooter on public roads. Our students are also required to take a state certified motorcycle and scooter safety course within the first 30 days at Forte Strong.
Absolutely. This is a priority for Forte Strong and for our students. Our focus however is not for him to work just any job, but rather qualify him for a job that compliments his strengths, gifts and talents and yet also in line with his capabilities and experience. This takes more than just filling out an application and completing an interview. Our process takes work and it raises questions. For example, if your son wants to work at Walmart a coach might ask? “How is Walmart in line with your strengths and does this job help you further your goals?” “Is it a stepping stone to something greater?” If your son cannot answer that question then he is focusing on the wrong job or has no real reason why he wants a job to begin with. Once we uncover the really reason as to why he failed in the past, we can start moving forward.
Depending on the desire of the student, Forte Strong will at times allow a young man who once struggled with drugs or alcohol to enroll as long as he can prove he is no longer dependent on drugs or alcohol. Some of our students have used marijuana and/or alcohol in the past as a result of social pressure, boredom, a lack of accountability and structure and/or an escape from the responsibilities of life.
The Enrollment Fee is used to help jumpstart your son’s success starting from ‘Day 1’. It’s sole purpose is to get your son up to speed as fast as possible in order for him to graduate on time (6 months).
Your son comes to Forte Strong with different needs and challenges, which is why our approach is tailored to your son’s specific needs and goals. Some students are here because of insecurity, lack of confidence, poor social skills, poor money management, inability to keep or maintain a job. Some play too many video games or spend too much time watching movies, TV and the internet. Some come to us for direction, self-discipline, education and a sincere hope for a brighter future while others simply need a little jump start. Whatever the reason, we help your son unlock his true potential so he can see the strength he has inside.
We’ve found that a one size fits all approach is not the answer, especially if you want your son to learn how to manage his own life. All of our students have different needs, different jobs, different goals and therefore a different schedule is needed. We help your son build a schedule that offers the best use of his time while tailored to his specific goals so he can achieve success in record time.