In the past we’ve talked about some of the reasons behind why more young men are experiencing failure to launch.  In our efforts to continue to be on top of how we can best help our students, we have gathered stats and more information for you as parents to consider.  A recent article published by the New England Journal of Higher Education gives some enlightening clues as to why failure to launch is becoming a national epidemic.  So without further ado, here we go:

* Beginning in elementary school, boys earn lower grades, receiving 70% of the D’s and F’s, while girls earn 60% of the A’s

* More than one million teens drop out of school every year and 80% of them are male.

* Nationwide, only 65% of males graduate from high school, compared with 72% of females.

* Only 43% of men are likely to graduate from college, compared with 60% of women.

Go To Jail

The New England Journal of Higher Education goes on by saying,

In addition to these bleak educational statistics, almost nine out of ten alcohol and drug violations are perpetrated by males; 95% of juvenile homicides are committed by boys; and 56% of men ages 18 to 24 live at home with their parents.  The bottom line: Young men are becoming less educated, less employable, less appealing as potential husbands and a greater burden to themselves and others.

Over the next five blog posts we will discuss five of the biggest reasons as to why Failure to Launch is occurring in staggering numbers with our young men today.  These five reasons are discussed by Dr. Leonard Sax in his book Boys Adrift and are the source for the above mentioned Scholarly Journal articles’ basis.  These facts and figures are meant to help parents discover some of the root causes and relevant issues that our young men are facing today, and how Forte Strong, as a failure to launch program can help these young men develop the confidence and leadership that they need to be successful, happy and independent.  Our goal is to help educate parents about this failure to launch epidemic, increase the number of strong and independent young men and help curb the growing statistics of young men who are failing out of college. Until next time!


-The Forte Strong Family




About the Author

Matthew Arrington grew up in Southern California and has a deep fondness for the ocean and water in general. He’s lived in most of the western united states and attended school in Oregon, where he earned a few degrees in business including, marketing, leadership and organizational management and a Masters in Business. Matt has a huge passion for working with young men to increase their chances of success and credits his current success to the many positive male role models that helped him grow into manhood.