Sariah Coffin


My Bio:

My name is Sariah Coffin. I have lived all over the United States, but I consider southern Utah to be my home. I have strengths in organization, cooking, cleaning, executive functioning, as well as teaching. In addition to this, I have completed courses and attended hundreds of hours of communication and therapy classes. I’ve developed strong skills in interpersonal communication, and I find joy and meaning in providing kindness and empathy to everyone around me. These qualities have assisted me in connecting deeply with others and offering meaningful support along the way. I grew up with five brothers and now am the mother of three young sons. Because of this, I have a natural affinity for connecting with and understanding young men.

My career journey led me to three exhilarating years working in wilderness therapy. Over that time, I immersed myself in the rugged beauty of the backcountry alongside troubled youth and other wilderness professionals. The years I spent there strengthened me and gave me tools and experiences I will cherish forever.

Beyond my professional endeavors, I am an accomplished pianist and will read just about anything I can get my hands on. I am creative and caring, and I have a deep love and appreciation for the outdoors. I look forward to working with you!