Safety & Peace Of Mind


Safety is the most important.

Forte Strong ensures your son’s safety by utilizing a 3 step selection process, ensuring your son is with like-minded students who uphold the Forte Strong values while at the same time safeguarding your son from potential drug addicts, sexual predators, and violent offenders that are often be found in other programs.

Safety is our goal

Forte Strong resides just across the street from the Dixie State College campus in St George, Utah.  St. George is known for its moderate climate, enjoyable landscape, beautiful parks and safe atmosphere nestled in the beautiful red rock area of southern Utah.  Our Mentors are available night and day to ensure the safety and well being of your son.  Although their accomplishments are their own our qualified, experienced and knowledgeable mentors guide, coach, and advise them in an environment of unconditional support.  Washington County ranks among some of the safest places in the nation.  Rest assured, your son is in good hands.