Parent Eligibility Application

  • The treatment team is interested in receiving further information on your son. The information you've provided thus far has been very valuable to the team, however there are times where specific kinds of information is needed, this is especially true for parents who are on insurance. I included a guide below that will lay out the information in a way that will make it easy to understand and respond to. This information will be vital in helping us navigate any obstacles that may prevent your son from making progress while at Forte Strong.
  • Please let us know if your son has ever made a reference to committing suicide, no matter how trivial it may seem. Use direct quotes if possible and let us know how serious the matter was by using a scale of 1 through 10, 10 being the most severe.
  • Changes in medication can greatly affect the mood, behavior and thinking of your son. If your son has started, stopped or consistently missed taking his medication, it's important for us to know that and what possible side effects may exist as a result.
  • Appetite is linked with mood and energy. If your son has experienced a sudden change in diet in the recent past, he may also be experiencing a crisis. Please document any changes in food and in eating.
  • The most significant behavior linked to risk of self-harm is impulsivity. If your son has or does continue to struggle to control his impulses he may be an increased risk of suicide.
  • It’s important to establish and maintain an awareness of your son's baseline normal behavior and then document significant departures from baseline behavior (lack of hygiene, poor grooming etc.) which can be indicators of mental/emotional disturbances that need to be addressed and discussed
  • Any and all inappropriate aggression or violent behavior needs to be well documented.
  • Any relapse into behavior that your son has been working to change as outlined by a mental health professional (therapist / doctor / psychiatrist) which has had a significant impact on his mental and emotional health, needs to be well documented.
  • Any student who has experienced a triggering event, which can be anything from watching a video game on youtube, to being around alcohol or drugs (for those who have struggled with alcohol or drug abuse in the past for instance) or reminders of past trauma, are at a higher risk of behavioral relapse, anger/aggressiveness, suicide, etc.