Goal_SettingMatthew Arrington, one of the co-founders of a unique program called Forte Strong in Southern Utah, shares his expertise about the OST method to setting goals. – How Life Works / 2/17/2015.

“We all have a list of things we want in life: a profitable career, a healthy body, a fun social life, and many other things that make us look and feel good. Year after year, we make a New Year’s resolution to lose 10 pounds, go for that promotion, or finally ask out that cute girl or guy. But as the year drags on, our goals slip right through our fingers, and we’re suddenly back where we started. One of the main reasons it’s hard to achieve our goals is because we’re inundated with distractions…

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Program Director of Forte Strong, Brook Price, talks about different learning styles of children and how parents can use them to their child’s advantage. – Daily Parent / 11/18/2014.

“What makes a child gifted and talented may not always be good grades in school but a different way of looking at the world and learning.” Regardless of whether you agree with his political endeavors, U.S. Senator….

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Brook Price, President of Forte Strong, explains why kicking your kid out of the house isn’t a terrible idea. In fact, it might save his life. – BlogHer / Nov 19, 2014.

When your son was a little boy and ran into the street, what did you do? Did you give him a high five or a big hug, or did you give him a good slap on the bum and tell him to never do that again? I’m assuming the later. Now that your adult child is much older, the situation is very different, isn’t it? Instead of running into traffic, he runs into his room, refusing to grow up. While this may not be life-threatening….

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Matthew Arrington, Co-founder of Forte Strong, discusses the implications of too much video game play and how to recognize the signs and symptoms of video game / technology addiction.

05/2014 -This is a question I hear a lot. “Is my son addicted to video games / computer games? How can I tell? What can I do? According to Dictionary.com. the definition of addiction is as follows, “The state of being enslaved to a habit or practice…

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Entrepreneurs Brook Price and Matthew Arrington of Forte Strong teach us about the importance of keeping balanced, while being tenacious. Brook Price & Matthew Arrington pride themselves in “creating men”.

If you have a goal in mind, do what you need to do to get it done. You’re capable, you’re smart. You can live your dream and achieve great things; don’t be afraid to try new things…

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Brook Price, Co-founder of Forte Strong (left) and Collin Reed (right), who is a recent graduate of Forte Strong, discuss recent life events and the possibility of Collin registering for College in the Spring.
01/2014 -We all know of a young man who is addicted to video games. Maybe he’s failed out of college or quit going altogether. He probably stays up all night playing games, wakes up at 1pm the next day and lives a pretty unproductive life.
He’s actually…

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Brook Price, left, and Matt Arrington, co-founders of Forte Strong, talk about the goals and focus of their start-up at their offices in St. George. / Jud Burkett / The Spectrum & Daily News.
ST. GEORGE — Matthew Arrington and Brook Price began their business, Forte Strong, in August 2011 after deciding to follow their dream of helping young men learn important life skills and find a way to succeed in the real world…

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