Letter From the Founders


Dear Parents,

As you are looking into different ways to help your son improve himself and get out into the world, you might be asking yourself what makes Forte Strong different from all the other organizations out there?

Every young man dreams about becoming something great or doing something great, but few do. The central philosophy of Forte Strong is that your son has the ability to be great by living a life built around his strengths.

This strength-based approach to living is the key to discovering himself, possibly for the first time. Forte Strong literally means to strengthen or develop one’s strong suits, most highly developed characteristics, talents, and skills. We help men discover their natural abilities, strengths and talents and teach them how to use those talents to carve out a better life for themselves and one they are proud of.

We strongly believe there is a need in our society for men to return to their roles of responsibility:

1. To become a self-reliant man that others can depend on,

2. To support, protect and provide for their family,

3. To use their strengths and talents to serve and lift those around them.

From this need, the Forte Strong mantra, “We seek for every man to become a symbol of strength for himself, his family and his community” was established. Each man is invited to take this call to action, to embrace it as a way of life, and to become their best self. Forte Strong has reached out to revolutionize a generation of men at rest into valuable leaders who will contribute to the construction of better lives, happier families, and more successful communities. We invite you to join us and discover what it means to be Forte Strong.


        Brook Price  &  Matthew Arrington
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