Many a struggling young adult has been confused about defining a career path. There are so many career choices out there, how can a young adult focus on getting into the industry that excites them and allows them to make a living doing what they love? The truth is, the earlier one can start on their career path, the better. Is it ever too late? No. But having the right approach can make a big difference.


Learn to Earn: More than knowledge, it takes action

intel-logoA recent study conducted by the Morrison Institute for Public Policy suggests that the earlier youth can define what they want to do, the more likely they are to become successful in their desired field. For example, a high school diploma used to be the standard level of application required to start at a company like Intel, but now, if you don’t have at least two years of post secondary education, you’re not likely to get your foot in the door. Knowing how times have changed and the job requirements needed for a specific career field can help youth get into the right places at the right times. But it takes more than just knowledge and know-how to get the job of your dreams… it takes action!


Learn to Earn: It all begins at home

If your son already has job but can’t seem to But you may be asking yourself, “But my son doesn’t take action with much of anything except for playing video games!” This rings true for many parents who have a young man at home who is struggling with failure to launch. So how do you get your unmotivated and complacent son to take action? First and foremost you must… let me repeat myself… must change the environment. To learn more about how to change the environment at home to foster change, read Independence: It Begins at Home. Once the environment has changed, whether at home or abroad, your son will begin to take action and once he takes action, it’s important he be given the right guidance through consistent and positive (male) modeling and plenty of opportunities to practice, practice, practice.


Learn to Earn: Get him involved in the process

job-applicationAt Forte Strong we practice the fundamentals of successful modeling every day, coaching our young men with a ‘can-do’ mentality while providing them with unique opportunities to practice what they see and learn. In essence, we teach by doing. With that said, it’s imperative that young men have positive male role models and mentors to model after. Dads, you can help your son by getting involved in the process. If your son is struggling to get a job, find out what he knows and what he doesn’t. If he doesn’t know how to get a job application, show him. Get in the car and go get one and have him watch you do it. Show him how easy it is and make it fun. You’ll be surprised at the impact such a small act can make. Not only are you modeling how to get a job but you are modeling what it means to be a Dad. I can’t emphasize enough how important modeling is for parents. It’s an extremely powerful tool for change if used correctly.

Learn to Earn: Let your purpose guide you

Studies consistently show that when a person outlines their career goals, their focus narrows and they are more likely to become successful in their career AND thus more likely to continue to set benchmarks and high goals that they’ll want to continue to achieve. For  some young men, knowledge and experience is not the main problem but rather a lack of ‘purpose.’ This is where Forte Strong really shines! We’re able to connect their academic studies with each of their personal strengths (Confidence Resume™) and then help them apply this powerful combination toward “real life” applications. We help these young men figure out what they want to do, why they want to do it and what actions they need to take to propel them forward. They key is to help these young men discover a career that is inline with their purpose. Our goal is to give our students the most opportunities to succeed in an environment built upon choice, challenge and most of all purpose. Isn’t it about time your son Learn to Earn?


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About The Author

Brook Price dedicated himself to helping others early in his life. He grew up in Sunny Orange County California, then joined the Marine Corps at the age of 21 serving five and half years as a helicopter crew chief and then as chief accountant. His journey with this type of work began when he volunteered as a Young Marines Instructor during his time in the Marines, helping kids get off the street, improve their lives and develop as a leader. After his tour Brook left the Marines to pursue a career in experiential therapy by attending Southern Utah University where he majored in outdoor recreation with a minor in psychology.

Brook has seventeen years experience working for a variety of different therapeutic and transitional programs across the nation. His thirst for knowledge drove him to learn and study successful therapeutic models and programs across the country, most notably Outward Bound. Brook has experience working with therapeutic, residential, military, wilderness and transitional programs for adults and adolescents.