LaunchPad™ is Forte Strong’s newest most innovative approach yet. LaunchPad was developed specifically for young men who won’t leave home and parents who don’t know how to help him do so. LaunchPad allows parents to be directly involved in helping their son leave home and achieve independence. Both parents and son receive one-on-one coaching from a Forte Strong coach in the comfort of their own home. For 10 days a Forte Strong coach will personally teach parents how to set-up and implement a structured program within the home that is designed to get their son out of the house and on the road to independence in less than 30 days. In 10 days parents will know and understand how to:

Parents will also have access to Forte Strong coaches for 6 months after initial visit or until their son achieves true independence and has the ability to provide for himself and his own needs. This means you’re son is no longer reliant on you or others for his basic needs. No more paying his bills, doing his laundry, cooking his food, buying his groceries, paying his gas or cleaning up after him. Achieving independence at Forte Strong means your son can now completely and solely provide for himself and take care of himself on his own! That’s right, in less than 6 months your son will be able to pay for his own:

With LaunchPad, parents have the peace of mind in knowing that their son is in a safe and familiar environment (at home) while receiving the tools, techniques and training essential to his success that only Forte Strong can provide. No other program in the nation can give your son the personal one-on-one attention and coaching experience that Forte Strong can. Find out if your son qualifies.

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