3rd Pillar: Knowledge is Power

Knowledge Is Power

Knowledge continues to be the most important tool in helping the millennial generation overcome the difficult economic challenges they face today. With record high unemployment and an even higher cost of living coupled with small wages and even smaller benefits, acquiring knowledge is even more important today than ever before. Though knowledge is vitally important, it is of little value if not used correctly. This often over-looked fact is what separates the boomerang generation from the mellenial generation. The boomerang generation is unique in that they seek knowledge but don’t know how to apply that knowledge in the real world, lack the skills and confidence to put that knowledge into action. The truth is most boomerang kids are extremely intelligent, but lack the social and emotional skills necessary to use that intelligence to better their own lives.


More Education = More Independence

Knowledge can be defined as the practical or theoretical understanding of a subject.  It has changed the world many times over and continues to do so today. By obtaining quality experience and education we are more aware and intuitive. Knowledge gives us the skill sets we need to be successful in life if applied properly, which is why our students are taught how to apply their knowledge in a way that produces results and increases their quality of life. The tools we teach our students are the essential tools they can revert to in times of distress or success. Forte Strong has set up partnerships with several quality institutions of higher education. These include Dixie State University, Southern Utah University, University of Phoenix, Stevens Heneger College, Dixie Applied Technology College (DXATC) and other trade schools. In other words, it doesn’t matter if he wants to become a veterinarian or certified massage therapist, we have the tools to get him active and the  connections to get him trained!


An Experiential Approach

Experiential Education has become somewhat of a buzz word lately. Aristotle “For the things we have to learn before we can do them, we learn by doing them.” Forte Strong students don’t learn by reading… they learn by experiencing. This is one of the many reasons why Forte Strong is so successful. For students that are interested in learning about business… instead of handing them a book and telling them to read, we give them the chance to start their own business and learn from the experience.


An Individualized Approach

At Forte Strong we understand that everyone learns differently which is why at Forte Strong each student takes a learning assessment during their first week here. This assessment helps us cater to the specific learning style of each student. Though all of us learn from all 4 of the different learning styles, most of us lean toward one more than the others. Some of us are auditory learners meaning we learn through sound, what we hear. Others are visual, meaning they do most of our learning by what we see or read. There is also kinesthetic learners that learn by doing. No matter how you learn, Forte Strong has a way to get you where you want to be.


A Penny Saved is a Penny Earned

At Forte Strong we take finances seriously. This is one of the key components that Forte Strong teaches. We understand that this is one of the key areas that many young adults struggle with. Both Founders of Forte Strong have a strong financial background with Brook Price serving as an accountant in the Marine Corps and Matt Arrington with his MBA. They both felt so strongly about the widespread misuse and neglect of money in this day in age that they decided a huge portion of Forte Strong’s curriculum would be dedicated on the subject.  That’s why Forte Strong is set up so that finances is built into the very fabric of what the students learn here from day one. There is no such thing as “free” at Forte Strong… everything is earned, from room and board, to food, to transportation, utilities, etc. The only way to have a real appreciation for money is to learn how earn it and then understand the value of it. Stretch a dollar. At Forte Strong we not only help students learn how to earn money, save money and invest money, but we also teach them how to spend money. “A penny saved is a penny earned.” We help the students understand how to get the most out of their hard earned cash and more importantly how to spend smart.


Financial Independence

All of our students are taught how to properly manage their finances and that begins with learning how to create a budget and stay within it. Understanding the value of money only comes when you don’t have it. It’s like anything in life… when you don’t have something you once had, you begin to appreciate how much it really means to you. Young men need the opportunity to learn the lesson of living within your means by knowing what it feels like to not have what they once always had at home. Another way our students appreciate the value of money is when they have to work hard for it. We illustrate sound financial principles that develop financial independence.


Lifelong Learning

At Forte Strong we believe in life-long learning. In fact we believe in life-long learning to such a degree that we decided to offer it to all our graduates. Forte Strong offers free coaching on all our subjects ranging from personal finance to physical fitness for all Forte Strong graduates for the rest of their life. Forte Strong is not just interested in helping you during your short stay with us… we are interested in helping you overcome those obstacles that will surely come down the road. That is why every graduate at Forte Strong is considered an Forte Strong Alumni and all Forte Strong Alumni have access to our huge network of advisors whenever, forever. At Forte Strong… we’ve got you covered!