Failure to Launch Treatment For Young Men in Texas

What is Failure to Launch Syndrome?

An adult is considered “launched” when they are able to support themselves as a responsible, independent adult. Successfully launched adults have a job and live away from their parents, paying their own rent and bills. They are able to handle the challenges that adulthood throws at them, such as managing money, running a household, and handling everyday stressors that may come up. Failure to launch refers to young adults who have failed to achieve this independence in one way or many. The reasons for failure to launch syndrome vary, but the result is the same: a young adult who has failed out of college, still lives at his parent’s house, cannot hold a job, or cannot succeed on his own in some other way. Failure to launch is often caused by a lack of direction–young men not having an idea of what they want to do with their life, or not knowing the steps to take to get there. Other young men fail to launch due to a mental illness such as anxiety or depression. Video game addiction and other addictions can also hinder a young adult’s progress into the real world. Whatever the cause of the failure to launch may be, Forte Strong can help. Our staff includes trained therapists and life coaches who can help young men overcome any struggles they may face.

How Can I Tell If My Son Has Failure to Launch?

Everyone will exhibit symptoms of failure to launch in different ways. However, a sure sign of failure to launch syndrome is if your son isn’t progressing or seems stuck in life. This may mean that he has moved back in with you (or never moved out) instead of living on his own. Or it might mean that he can’t commit to a college, can’t decide on a major, is failing many classes, or can’t even be bothered to get to class. Sometimes a young adult makes it through college successfully but freezes up when it’s time to find a full-time job and make ends meet. There are no standard symptoms of failure to launch, but if your son isn’t progressing in life, that’s a sign.

Of course, growing up comes with struggles for every young adult. The difference between launching adults and young men with failure-to-launch syndrome is how they handle these setbacks. If your son has failed a class, a common occurrence, but is working with his advisor or professor to fix the situation, he probably isn’t failing to launch. He is just facing a rough patch and handling it like adults do. If your son has failed many classes in a row or doesn’t attempt to do anything to fix the problem, then he is struggling with failure-to-launch syndrome.

Does My Son Need Help?

It can be hard for a young adult to admit when they need help. This is especially a common issue for young men with failure to launch syndrome. Thus, your son probably won’t come asking you for help. Instead, they are probably content in the safety net that they have built of living at home and not having to worry about responsibilities. Some young men don’t need an intensive program to overcome failure-to-launch syndrome. Some gentle (or not-so-gentle) prodding can help many young men get where they need to be. Encourage your son to see his advisor if he’s struggling with school, or get a job if he doesn’t have one. Give him deadlines to accomplish these things. If he refuses to make progress, then it’s time to seek more professional help, such as a residential treatment program.

How Can Forte Strong Help?

Forte Strong is the nation’s premier failure to launch a treatment program. We serve young men not only from Texas but also from around the country and the world. We’ve been able to help men and families overcome many issues related to failure to launch, such as video game addiction, depression, anxiety, avoidant personality disorder, lack of motivation, and more. We want to do the same for you!

In many cases, young men can recover from failure-to-launch syndrome simply with guidance from their parents and other trusted role models at home. However, for many young men that is not enough. It is difficult to overcome struggles in the same home environment where they began. In order to succeed, young men may have to be removed from their comfortable environment and allowed to grow in a new situation. Growth doesn’t come from staying in the same place, and that is where Forte Strong comes in. Forte Strong is a residential program, meaning young men leave their homes in Texas to spend about 6 months in Southern Utah and live with other participants in the program. We provide a real-world environment where our clients can face real challenges and difficulties while in an environment that will help them succeed. At Forte Strong, you have access to therapists who can help overcome mental illnesses and other setbacks holding you back and life coaches who help with everything from budgeting to finding a job to eating healthy. True progress comes when you have the opportunity to gain the skills that you need in a safe environment, where you can receive help and guidance as needed.

“Forte Strong was a fun, new, and interesting experience, but above all it was eye opening. I was able to live in southern Utah for 6 months which should honestly be reward enough. The Scenery is amazing, and you are basically living inside a post card. Besides the amazing opportunity to hike and explore national parks, and camp in the mountains, I was living with a group of guys who were all trying to achieve something. For some of us it was independence, some simply wanted to build self-confidence, either way we were all working towards a goal, which was extremely motivating.

For anyone deciding whether or not Forte Strong is for them, I would say that anyone could benefit from this program. No matter where you are in life you can always become a better version of yourself, and this program helped me improve in ways I didn’t know I could. I’m writing this 6 months after leaving forte, because I wanted to see how my life had really changed after Forte before writing it. Some of my habits have faded, but the ones that mattered stayed, and I definitely changed as a person for the better!”

-Bryson, Texas



Why Forte Strong?

Specialization in Failure to Launch

young men at a failure to launch independence camp

We know that there are many other treatment programs out there that offer treatment for failure-to-launch syndrome. However, Forte Strong focuses on failure-to-launch syndrome. Other treatment programs offer many services, meaning that young men with failure to launch syndrome are mixed in with those with drug addictions and other serious addictions and disorders. While there is no doubt that people struggling with other, more serious issues should seek out and receive treatment, Forte Strong is not the place for that. At Forte Strong we focus specifically on failure to launch and the issues that may cause it, so you know that everyone there is in the same boat. This allows participants to connect deeply with each other and help each other out, and the coaches to focus especially on what the participants need most. Our attention isn’t split, so we can offer the best care in treating the young men in our residential treatment program.

This specialization also allows our program team, from the coaches and therapists to the founders, to focus specifically on failure-to-launch syndrome. We’d rather be experts in one thing than a jack of all trades.  At Forte Strong, we aim to be the best in all that we do, which is treating failure to-launch syndrome. You can read more about our amazing team here.

Real-Life Scenarios

There are also many independence camps that take participants out into the wilderness to overcome their issues. These have their place, but we believe that young men need to grow in a real-world environment. At Forte Strong, young men are encouraged to find a job, continue their education, and face other real-life situations while in the safety net of the program. This allows them to gain the skills they need for the rest of their life to overcome real-world challenges.

Ideal Location

Another advantage we offer over other choices is our location. We may be biased, but we don’t believe you can find a better location. Forte Strong is located in the beautiful desert town of Saint George, UT.  It’s close enough to home in Texas without being too close that it’s stifling and unproductive to growth. Southern Utah is known for its beautiful national parks and other natural scenery. Participants in Forte Strong often go on hikes and other outdoor adventures, allowing them the chance to push themselves and become stronger and more confident. We’re also located near Dixie State University, where some participants choose to take classes to further their education while at Forte Strong. There isn’t a better location out there for young men to grow and become responsible, functioning adults.

Success Stories

You can watch more success stories from graduates or read testimonials from parents and students on our testimonials page.

How Do I Get Started?

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