Eric Hatton


My Top 5 Strengths:

1. Input

2. Inflection

3. Responsibility

4. Connectedness

5. Learner

My Bio:

Eric grew up in Kanosh, a small farm town of just over five hundred people in central Utah. He helped take care of the animals and the fields of his father’s small family farm. Needless to say, he is no stranger to work. He has an insatiable desire for learning and a passion for good books: his mother taught him to read when he was four. He has spent most of the last six years working as a field staff in wilderness therapy where he coached students on primitive fire skills, making and setting traps, and other important wilderness skills. He also coached staff as they learned leadership skills and as they learned to disrupt dysfunctional behavior in the students.

Eric loves brainstorming with people. He loves to help people organize their thoughts and change their dreams and desires into tangible, achievable goals. He loves to help people to discover their passions and to help them find ways to use their passions to realize their goals. He is passionate about building great teams and organizations and helping others succeed.



Integrity, discipline, courage, and compassion.