Discovering His Unique Strengths

Our students discover who they are.

DISCOVER his forte. Our goal is not only to help your son become independent but to discover who he really is. What is his passion, his purpose, and his direction? Young men will discover their character traits, strengths, weaknesses, motives, patterns of learning, and more. We have the tools of self-discovery.
Self-understanding is a process. There is a reason it follows directly behind Step 1, Connect because the process follows the same pattern. In an environment where it is okay to have struggles and to show their real selves, it is less intimidating to start exploring who they really are. It can be uncomfortable and involve some level of risk when trying to discover personal interests and true character. Think of it this way, the discovering process is often an uncovering process too. When the walls finally come down, there is always some fear of not knowing what will come out from behind those walls. But this proves to be the only way to address issues and other inner conflicts.
It can take time to overcome personal matters, but there are certain things that can quicken or hinder the process. For example: the world around us is full of distractions. Some distractions are good, but too much of television, video games, social media, etc. can take a young man’s attention away from inner-issues that need to be solved. Without attending to these issues, healthy relationships and habits will be put on hold. How can they ever find themselves if they are always lost in the newest video game, online social news feed, or looking for the best weekend party? Listening to their own thoughts and learning to manage and control emotions is the key to the discovering process. At Forte Strong we provide opportunities for our students to learn more about themselves.
Once the first layer is peeled back and self-understanding is underway, our students may start to realize important things are missing from their lives. We give our students opportunities to meet new people and have new experiences. Once they begin to determine what it is that makes them tick, they will want to incorporate more of whatever that is into their lives. This could lead to new passions, career paths, hobbies or a new circle of friends. Some help will be needed along the way. Forte Strong is here to provide the experiences and the resources to find out how to achieve that next goal.