Brook Price

Program Director

My Top 5 Strengths:

1. Strategic

2. Learner

3. Significance

4. Input

5. Communication

My Bio:

Brook joined the Marine Corps at the age of 21 serving five and half years. During his Marine Corps career Brook volunteered each week as a Young Marines Instructor, helping kids get off the street, improve their lives and develop the leader within. It was during this time which ignited Brook’s passion for helping young people.

Brook has over 24 years of experience working with youth specifically and has been directly involved with a variety of different therapeutic programs from across the nation. His thirst to learn more about the obstacles that keep young people from achieving success drove him to learn and study the different developmental models in use today consisting of therapeutic, residential, military, wilderness and transitional programming.

I will protect my free agency and the free agency of others at all costs; be a symbol of strength for others to depend upon; forgive others who are doing the best they can; always believe I can change the world for the better, share that passion with others and take action to make that a reality every day; strive to look for opportunities to help and lift those around me and show that I care about each of them on a personal and individual level.