How Can Forte Strong in Southern Utah Help My Son?

Forte Strong in southern Utah treatment programs caters to young men ages 18-26 who struggle to make it on their own. Whether his goal is to get into the best shape of his life, gain the self-confidence to succeed, learn to be self-reliant, or to unlock his true potential. 

What we do

Forte Strong in southern Utah was built on the idea that more needed to be done to help young men experiencing failure to launch syndrome, achieve independence and success. We believe that this generation of young men have far more to offer than what society would like us to believe or acknowledge. Mothers know this more than most but are often unsure as to what actions to take and more importantly, where to begin. This is where Forte Strong in southern Utah comes in.

Failure to Launch treatment 

Failure to launch treatment is a type of therapy designed to help young adults who are struggling to transition into independent adulthood. This may include individuals who are having difficulty finding and maintaining employment, establishing healthy relationships, and taking on responsibilities such as managing finances or household tasks.

The treatment typically involves a combination of individual therapy, group therapy, and practical life skills training. Some of the key components of failure to launch treatment may include:

  1. Identifying and addressing underlying emotional or psychological issues that may be contributing to the individual’s difficulties.
  2. Developing a plan for increasing independence and taking on responsibilities in a structured and supportive environment.
  3. Building social skills and communication skills to help the individual establish and maintain healthy relationships.
  4. Developing practical life skills such as managing finances, cooking, and cleaning.
  5. Providing ongoing support and accountability to help the individual stay on track and continue to make progress towards their goals.

The specific approach to failure to launch treatment may vary depending on the individual’s needs and circumstances. 

Coaching vs. Mentoring 

There is a difference between coaching and mentoring that is significant, although coaching and mentoring are often used interchangeably.

Mentoring is usually long-term and relationship based. An example of mentoring is the practice of apprenticeship. A skilled and experienced master craftsman takes on a young impressionable apprentice and teaches him the ins and outs of the craft. This mentor/apprentice relationship can go on for years as the apprentice gradually learns to master each aspect of the trade, under the guidance and encouragement of the master.

Coaching focuses more on improving performance to higher levels in the short term, which means coaches must emphasize the improvement of a specific skill set, with the aim of improving performance.

While Forte Strong’s program encompasses aspects of both mentoring and coaching for the young men who attend, the aim is to improve the life skills of each student to the level of independence. Forte Strong coaches have mastered the skills of independent living, which makes it possible for them to model and teach life skills to struggling young men. Coaches have also mastered the techniques of communicating and teaching those skills to those who are struggling to establish their identity and independence. Our coaches are able to relate to our students and form a meaningful relationship that allows the students to trust their coach and be willing and eager to learn from them. 

forte strong in southern Utah

Cultivating Independence 

At Forte Strong in southern Utah, students experience what independent living is like, while learning the life skills they need. Students live in houses with other Forte Strong students, and they are responsible for themselves. They find and work a part-time job while attending Forte Strong. This experience simulates what it’s like to live independently, while they still have the resources of the program to fall back on. Some other programs take students out of the real world to a farm or wilderness camp, but we believe that’s not how you truly learn to be independent. You need to try your hand at the skills that you learn while in the independence program in order to truly learn. Students at Forte Strong in southern Utah  graduate with real-life independent living experience under their belt that allows them to transition to true independent living seamlessly.

Our Five Step Approach 


To connect with your son, we establish a relationship of trust. This trust and respect helps us to coach, advise and direct your son on a level that feels challenging, positive and invigorating. Your son will also connect with other students, forming strong bonds and creating a high level of morale he can build upon. At Forte Strong in southern Utah, we are connected.


Our goal is for your son to not only become independent, but to discover who he really is. His passion, his purpose and his direction. He will discover his character traits, his strengths, his weaknesses, his motives, his pattern of learning and more. We have the tools of self-discovery.


Everybody needs a good coach. The worlds top performers like fortune 500 CEO’s and even Tony Robbins admit to having their own personal coaches. Our coaches at Forte Strong in southern Utah are second to none and have the experience and ability to help your son be the best that he can be in a short amount of time. Our coaches inspire confidence, teach character and instill valuable skills that your son can use for long term success.


Nothing comes without a challenge; everything in life is earned. We have the ability to challenge your son in ways he never thought possible. Going through life’s challenges is what builds long-term confidence, develops healthy habits and promotes self-esteem. Your son will learn to have courage and challenge himself to be better.


Repeating the teaching process helps your son become a problem solver. He will experience the inner strength from being consistent and accomplishing goals. By repeating these steps, your son will create healthy habits and develop truly lasting skills which produce real world results.

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