Helicopter Parenting and Failure to Launch

We all want the absolute best for our children, and would do anything to prevent them from failing. However, this abundance of love for our children can lead to helicopter parenting and a list of other hurdles to overcome


The term “helicopter parenting” comes from the idea that these parents are constantly hovering over their children like a helicopter. While the intentions of helicopter parents are usually well-meaning, their excessive involvement can have negative effects on their children’s development, including reduced independence, self-esteem, and problem-solving skills.


What are common side effects from helicopter parenting?

Everyone with Failure to Launch syndrome will experience different symptoms, with the main one being an inability to live a responsible, independent life. However, there are many symptoms to keep an eye out for, and if your son exhibits many of the following its time to get help for his failure to launch syndrome. 


Some common side effects you may notice can be: 


Failure to Launch treatment program 

A failure to launch treatment program will offer support specifically to those struggling with failure to launch syndrome. It should teach life skills, as well as focus on changing the mental and emotional blocks that caused the issue in the first place. There are many programs which claim to offer failure to launch support and treatment, but here at Forte Strong we have identified “why” we have developed our approach specific to combat the failure to launch issue so many face today.

For those who are suffering from failure to launch syndrome, Forte Strong offers a treatment dedicated, focused program specifically to failure to launch candidates in order to help those who are stuck with this dilemma.

Peter Pan Syndrome 

Sometimes your son may be blind to his own potential. This can lead to what we can call Peter Pan syndrome. Peter Pan Syndrome is a disorder in which individuals are unable to grow into maturity. While they physically grow up, they continue to hold onto childhood tendencies instead of taking on adult responsibilities. 

helicopter parenting

How Forte Strong can help

Forte Strong is the nation’s premier life coaching, therapy, and independent living program for young men, dedicated to treating failure to launch syndrome and the variety of individual challenges that contribute to it. Among the challenges coaches and therapists have successfully treated are social anxiety, avoidant personality disorder (apd), depression, impulsivity, defiance, ADHD, low self-esteem, technology and video game addiction and other dependencies that keep young men from launching successfully.


Your son will learn a wide variety of skills that will be relevant for the rest of his life. These include both hard skills and soft skills. Your son will learn how to care for his home, including cooking, cleaning, and basic maintenance. He will also learn how to care for himself by planning and cooking healthy meals, establishing a basic hygiene routine, and learning the importance of physical fitness. Many young men that we help have never learned to budget either their time or their money, so that is a big focus. We also help men learn how to find a job and the basics of keeping a job, including setting goals and getting promoted.


Forte Strong creates a safe place where young adults can learn how to become real, functioning adults without the devastating fear of failure that paralyzes many young men. Some other programs, like wilderness therapy camps, take men out of the real world environment instead of helping them to thrive in real life situations. At Forte Strong, we don’t sugarcoat anything, and students in our program face real-life problems and challenges because we believe that is the best way to get lasting results. However, they also always have the support and guidance that they need. If your son has failed to transition to adulthood on his own, Forte Strong is the perfect environment to help him do so.


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